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    Flat Screen TV Support

    Thank you for the replies, but I think I have phrased my question slightly wrong. Here is a LINK showing something similar. It is the tv support that I am seeking. Regards
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    Flat Screen TV Support

    I am looking for a supplier of a TV support. I am making a low level entertainment cabinet, and rising from the cabinet a TV screen support to give the illusion of floating above and wire concealment. Can anyone help please? Regards.
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    Sat Nav Recommendations

    I've had a TomTom 910 for over three years and it has been first class in the UK, Europe and the US. Today, most satnavs are fairly reliable, before deciding look at the ongoing costs. Updating maps and other features can be costly.
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    How to avoid breakout?

    Thanks for the tip. For speed this is the way to go. Wealden do a 50mm profile cutter with a 35mm radius. (No. 048). By setting this cutter at 45deg, it will do the whole job in two passes. Thanks John.
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    How to avoid breakout?

    Thanks for the info. It sounds a good idea, but I can't locate the cutter from the link.
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    How to avoid breakout?

    Thanks Steve. I have about 300 to do. Hence using a spindle with a trimming ring. I had thought about making a jig for the bandsaw, but was unsure of doing a 75mm diameter cut that didn't need too much finishing. I think I'll make a jig for doing a radius on a spindle first, and see how that...
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    How to avoid breakout?

    Thanks for that. If it were my choice, I'd make the same as you.
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    How to avoid breakout?

    I have to make some fencing, and need to put a rounded top on the uprights. I have a template and was going to do the job on a spindle moulder. Can anyone please advise how I can avoid breakout? This pictureshows what I have to do. Thanks
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    DHL - Dick Turpin is alive and well

    You are correct, however, the options listed are restrictive and it then becomes a matter for the HM Customs agents (ie DHL etc) as to how it is interpreted. You then have either to pay and claim back or decline for a ruling and if there is any delay the parcel is returned to the sender and...
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    DHL - Dick Turpin is alive and well

    It's not only DHL who are highway robbers the Post Office are the same. In error, I left my satnav in a hire car in the US which was found by the hire company and returned to me. The post office wouldn't release the parcel until I paid about £90 in cash (no cards accepted) for VAT, Import Duty...
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    Combi or Separates?

    Having had a combination and now separates, I can say tha I would never go back to a combination. Work flow has to be thought through with a combination to minimise swapping between table saw and p/t and is not always convenient. Space is something to consider. My workshop is only small, but I...
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    Sofa Table in American Cherry

    Can you advise what finish you used please?
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    Full Extension Drawer Runners

    I've used Buller with only one problem, that the plastic end caps sometimes fall out. In use they are ok.
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    Legal advice needed

    Firstly, B2B has different rules and consumer protection doesn't apply. Even if it was an unauthorised purchase, it is an internal matter for you, and not for the trader. Having been in this situation personally, as the product has not been dispatched, then any re-stocking charge will be...
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    carcasses and tables saws

    Thanks for the link. When you've had some play time, I would be interested in hearing your evaluation!
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    carcasses and tables saws

    Out of interest, what edgebander did you get. At present I have all my boards knocked down and edge banded for me on the long edges by the supplier. I then just cut to length and edge the short sides.
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    Soundproofing workshops

    Good idea Roger, but a little expensive. £1000 for me to do my 7m x 3.6m workshop. That was for walls, ceiling and floor.
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    Biscuit Jointer

    Go for a Domino, better than a BJ!
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    Any advice for making some money from woodworking?

    Wasn't a shop planned down your way for items to be displayed and sold on behalf of the maker. I don't know how far that idea was carried forward?
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    Poor service from tool supplier!

    I'm sorry, but my experience in owning and running three companies is different to yours having to fend off many claims which were only 'something for nothing' and ignited by the no win, no fee system that came into play. Many colleagues settled rather than fighting. Just look at the recent...