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  1. paulm

    Withdrawn: Books

    Now withdrawn. Books for sale, all very good condition, 10 pounds each please, plus postage at cost, payment by paypal, discounts possible if taking several :) I've edited the post to remove those books already sold as per posts below, so the ones shown here still are the ones still available...
  2. paulm


    Finally got around to dumping Sky, ends later this month, realised we really hadn't watched much actual Sky content last couple of years and it was largely the same old tired content going around in a continuous loop ! Have been looking at the freesat channels which i believe the Sky HD box...
  3. paulm

    Building / Planning Query

    Question for those familiar with building works and planning permissions please. Next door has approved plans to build a new house alongside ours on the next door plot. The approved plans show a separation distance of 7.8m building to building, as stated and drawn on the site layout plan which...
  4. paulm


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  6. paulm

    FOR SALE: Chip/Dust Separator Lid

    Not sure if that's the correct name ! Pop it on top of a dustbin or other drum and connect up to your dust/chip extractor and then onwards to the shavings producing machinery, the heavier chips and shavings fall to the bottom of the drum and only the finer dust gets through to your extractor...
  7. paulm

    SOLD: Record Power Dust Extractor

    1000 watt single motor, with fine cartridge filter and wheeled stand, takes 4" hose or normal vacuum hose, works fine but I have more extractors than I need and have room for ! £70 please, cash on collection from Basingstoke, Hampshire, near J6/J7 M3.
  8. paulm

    Plastic circular centre finder ?

    I seem to have mislaid my large plastic circular centre finder I used for bowl blanks, can't seem to find any online, anyone know where they might be available, save me having to make one as I hate cutting thin plastic sheet ?!! It was a large diameter circle of clear plastic with a centre hole...
  9. paulm

    How much light ?

    The refurb' of my "new" workshop is progressing well and I need to organise some lights for the sparky to fit in a few weeks time. I would do it myself but Part P and all that has put paid to most of that these days and as he is installing a consumer unit and power circuits he might as well do...
  10. paulm

    Painting OSB3 boards

    Not exactly fine woodworking :lol: but about to start boarding out the inside of my refurbed shed come makeshift workshop with OSB3 boards, which are the ones with a high glue content that makes them half way decent as a vapour barrier to keep the insulation layer behind them dry. I was...
  11. paulm


    Out of the blue, using windows 8.1 and browsing with chrome this morning, the space bar on my laptop triggers a page down movement when trying to type in search boxes on different pages like ebay, amazon etc. I thought it might be a chrome issue but as you can see it is doing the same thing in...
  12. paulm

    How large a hard drive do I need ?

    Morning all, I need to get a new laptop pc, this one has taken to switching itself off a few times every day, usually when the lid is closed, and then gives an unexpected system failure message and has to be rebooted. A bit tiresome and I expect is only going to get worse as it seems to be...
  13. paulm

    Concrete problem ?!!!

    A bit off topic for a woodworking forum, apologies ! I've recently had a new concrete base poured by builders for a large shed, poured about two or three weeks ago when the weather was pretty cold and wet. They laid the course of bricks on top after a few days and have put the shed up (it's...
  14. paulm

    Axminster Basingstoke Store - Boxing Day 10% Off

    Just pootled off down the road to the Basingstoke store, having had a couple of emails to alert me to the Boxing Day special offer at this store only of "10% off everything". Only thing is, it turns out it's not everything, it doesn't include anything that is already on offer, so be aware if...
  15. paulm

    Storing dried timber planks

    I've got some nice planks of walnut, courtesy of Paul Chapman, that have been stacked with spacers in my workshop for the last few years and are nicely dry :) I'll need to move them out into an unheated shed though unfortunately, unless swmbo lets me stack them under the bed which is unlikely...
  16. paulm

    Bowling ball overload !!!

    Just picked up from a gumtree ad, don't know why as I've already made a couple of mallets, so not sure what to do with them ?!!! Polite suggestions welcome :) Earlier version (hammer) :) Cheers, Paul
  17. paulm

    Eating bowls !!!

    No, not me eating bowls, bowls to eat from :) Have been tidying up my workshop and timber horde recently and decided to use a few of the less thick turning blanks to make some shallow bowls for eating from :) I normally make decorative stuff with finishes that aren't suitable for food use...
  18. paulm

    Storage of cast iron and similar tools

    To date the cast iron tables on my bandsaw and table saw, and the steel on the lathe beds, has all been fine in my workshop which is reasonably dry and gets a little background heat during the winter. The occasional coat of liberon lubricating wax helps keeps everything rust free too. Due to...
  19. paulm

    Storing greenhouse glass !

    I'll need to dismantle a large ali greenhouse soon and stack it out of the way for a while and/or sell it on perhaps. If I remember back a few years ago I did the same with a smaller cheaper B&Q type one and put a sheet of newspaper between each of the panes of glass and then stored them...
  20. paulm

    Palletising of timber and machinery

    Due to some impending building work I probably need to move a lot of workshop equipment and timber into storage for a while, and think it would be most practical to put a lot of it onto pallets for ease of handling and movement. Things like timber turning blanks could be stacked on pallets and...