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  1. johnf

    Bosch GCM12GLD Axel Glide mitre Saw

    I am thinking of changing my mitre saw to as a space saving exercise to the bosch axel glide Is there someone out there who can tell me the measurement from the back of the saw to the face of the fence so I can compare it with my existing sliding rail version I just want to know how much extra...
  2. johnf

    Touch control oven

    We have a AEG touch control oven if you open the door during the cooking cycle to check progress or add some veg occasionally you get a lot of steam this will alter the heat setting ie 190 to 275 shut the door and the oven continues to cook at the higher setting (you then burn the food ) the...
  3. johnf

    Multi purpose Assembly Table

    Hi Lads i thought I would show you my new height adjustable mobile assembly work table Takes 400lb load easy to move foot brake locking and rise and fall on foot pedals Pictures taken on phone so not all that sharp John First the top Then start to build the torsion box top fitted...
  4. johnf

    Cutting / Assembly Table

    I had quite a number of sheets of mdf to cut up so I made this table to help thought I would share with you all In action Packs up in seconds for storage Also acts as a assembly table
  5. johnf

    LED Lighting

    I would like to use LED self adhesive tape lights below and above my wall units does any one have any input on this like the best colour either cool white or warm white and are the lighting levels achieved ok
  6. johnf

    Kitchen carcases

    MF MDF would you use this for kitchen carcases I need to start my kitchen soon and I am looking to get the materials ordered
  7. johnf

    Storage Unit

    My son wanted a storage unit to fit a alclove in their bedroom fits between wall and chimney breast it has a plinth and cornice not shown he is doing the painting :lol: the drop down door has some stays to fit this is it ready to fit
  8. johnf

    shelf suport

    I need to suport a hinged shelf from the top with a pair of those sliding things you see on desks ect any idea where these can be obtained Thanks john
  9. johnf

    Olympics Gloat

    I managed to get a couple of free tickets to the gymnastics today includes free travel and lunch on a yacht in st Kathrines dock well pleased :D :D :D :D
  10. johnf


    I need to source some MFC for a forthcoming Kitchen project we would like it to be a cream colour wheres the best place to aquire this from also any idea on price I am in sussex Thanks
  11. johnf

    New Tool Show July 7th & 8th

    Theres a new tool show in Brighton Sussex this year might be worth a look http://www.toolshow2012.co.uk/
  12. johnf

    Sun Canopy

    Here is a sun canopy I made for our breakfast patio its all sectional so it can be dismantled for the winter
  13. johnf


    I bought the metal frames from a boot sale salvaged some treads from an old staircase and this is the result ready for the summer
  14. johnf

    Workshop Alarm

    I am getting more concerned about security these days so thinking about alarm systems and security What do the rest of you do I have five lever deadlocks on the doors and internal window shutters but I am thinking that an alarm that triggers a alert in the house would be a good thing to have...
  15. johnf

    How warm is your workshop

    I spent 6 hours in the workshop today working on my latest project Temperature outside 0 degrees with a windchill of -3 Inside a very acceptable 16 degrees. The facts Workshop walls 225mm brick with internal lining of 25mm celotex and 11mm osb Ceiling has 50mm...
  16. johnf

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Planing a major kitchen build for swmbo this year so I a few questions I want to make my own cabinets so do I use MFC or MRMFMDF and are there different qualitys of these products as swmbo want the best Can you get different colours would prefer a off white or cream Any idea on prices per...
  17. johnf

    L shaped coner unit

    Hi all As part of a kitchen refurb we have two internal corners Now swmbo wants L shaped base units with the doors hung to open out of the corner so when open to leave a wide opening doors will be 500mm wide to gain maximum access Has anyone done something like this and did it work out...
  18. johnf

    Bathroom units

    Finally finished the bathroom at last swmbo is pleased with the result so we can have a bath/shower now :lol: :lol: a couple of pics so you lot can have a look
  19. johnf

    My first kitchen

    Just built this for my daughter its my first attempt at a kitchen from scratch still needs a few tiles behind the cooker but pretty well finished
  20. johnf


    this makes a nice visit http://www.bentley.org.uk/#/woodfair/4525168793