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    Wanted Katz Moses dovetail guide

    I am after a Katz Moses dovetail guide. Does anybody has one for laying around or knows of where to get one from?
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    Woodjoy tools

    I just bought a square off the eBay but cannot find any information on it. Has anybody used or seen a Woodjoy trisquare? Are they as square as they should be?
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    Maple stabilising

    Good evening I wanted to buy a mallet but it seems I can not buy it from the maker due to CITES regulations. Is there anybody to treat the intended mallet head for me? I am trying to not add further equipments to my current load. Thank you
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    Logged out of UKWORKSHOP account

    I hope there is a moderator around now. Today I had a message from a fellow woodworker on this site. He has been logged out of his account and has been having problem trying to recover his password. Apparently he is not getting any password recovery emails. He has tried to contact someone...
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    Ashley Iles edge tools tour

    Dear All I have been reading about different chisels on my hunt for a new set of chisels. I know there are companies which make tools in the England. Some of them have bought up other brands and produce multiple brands under one roof. But as far as my limited research reveals one of the few...
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    Fiat V Ferrari

    Good evening everyone It looks a bit odd title in a woodworking forum but let me conclude it first. Couple of weeks ago I received a message as follows: Hey Smalmaleki, Call me nosy, but I'm just curious to why you're after the most expensive chisels on the planet? You've enquired into two...
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    Hi Is it only me or UKWORKSHOP website has new unwanted additions? Today I have been redirected from the UKW several time because I was the chosen one to receive a special offer. It is such a nasty website that I couldn’t even return to previous page (UKW).
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    Tall plank dovetail

    Hi I am sorry if the question is so basic but I am struggling to find a way. What is the traditional join for wardrobe top and bottom corners? I was planning to dovetail them but can’t find the right way of cutting dovetails on long planks. Does anybody has a blueprint for a single or double...
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    fox f22-568 planer thicknesser too good to be true ?

    Hi there I have just seen a fox f22-568 planer thicknesser on internet. It is advertised as brand new for a very good price. I was wondering if it is too good to be true.
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    Tablesaw and Dust

    I finally plugged my table saw in and turned it on. Poor machine must have been sitting there for more than 5-6 months. It was smooth and much quieter than I expected. I rip cut five 20” pieces to make some small boxes. Outcome was good and it only took me about five minutes. I had already...
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    Using tree roots for woodworking

    Hi I was reading about a traditional method of woodworking in Kurdistan. They make very beautiful backgammon boards. They claim walnut roots are the best wood for the board making. Has anybody here used roots for woodworking?
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    Bandsaw and PT advice

    Hi I am going to list my tools and then ask the question. I have a small single garage as a workshop. Tools wise I have two combidrills, a jigsaw and circularsaw leftover from my loft boarding. For my woodworking I built my own workbench and a Moxon vise. I have some clamps( never enough...
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    French Cleats

    Hi there I have built a new wall cabinet for my planes and some tools. When it came to fixing it to the wall I had no idea how to fix it. After some searching and reading I saw a post here about French Cleats. It is my first time using this method of hanging stuff. Is a 20*50 mm European pine...
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    Hi there I don’t have Ivory but wondering if the old Ivories from broken up cycling piano can be traded? I was trying to buy couple of piano keytops ( old ones are made out of Ivory ) but was told it is illegal to trade in Ivory. Uncle google thinks it’s fine if it was built before 1947. Cheers
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    Hi there I have just seen an advert for two mahogany slabs 2 inch by 18 inch 6 foot long. How do I know if it is a legit Mahogany here? Any idea how much it worth ? Thank you for your opinions.
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    Outbox V sent messages

    Hi there I hope someone can help me here. I have sent couple of messages since yesterday one to a moderator and second one was reply to a private message. I don’t know why those messages have ended up in outbox instead of sent messages. Ta
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    Help with Varnish

    Hi there I am very inexperienced in woodworking. Just finished my third ever project. It is a bed for my son. He wanted a blue, red and green bed. To get a middle ground I have used sticky wood cuts alphabet to decorate the headboard. Would couple of varnish coating seal in the glued on...
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    Half dovetail mortise problem

    Hi there I have just finished a new bed for my son. The side rails are connected to headboard and footboard with hidden half dovetail mortise. It was my first attempt in cutting this joints. The dovetails were cut to the width of the boards and 2 cm depth. The mortises were cut 2 cm longer on...
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    Decorating V painting kids bedroom furniture

    Hi there I have a unusual rebellion from my 6 years old son. I love the natural look of wood. Currently I am in process of making a single bed for my youngest son. He is demanding to have a green, blue and red bed. He thinks the natural look of wood is too dull and not interesting...