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  1. Peter Sefton

    iGaging Digital Caliper Pass Around

    iGaging Digital Caliper Pass Around This month we are giving you the opportunity to try an iGaging EZ Cal Digital Caliper 150mm 6" via a pass around. A pass around is a cost-effective way for you to try out a new tool in the comfort of your own workshop and then share your experience of it with...
  2. Peter Sefton

    Henry Taylor chisels

    I have been sent some Henry Taylor bevel edge chisels to test today, anybody have any or used them before? Easy to sharpen, good edge retention? I understand the woodturning tools are well respected. Cheers Peter
  3. Peter Sefton

    JessEm Router Lift Pass Around

    This month we are giving you the opportunity to try a JessEm Router Lift via a pass around. A pass around is a convenient way for you to try out a new tool in the comfort of your own workshop and then share your experience of it with other members. JessEm Rout-R-Lift Prestige (Metric) The...
  4. Peter Sefton

    Felder planer blades

    Any suggestions for quality replacement M42 blades for the Hammer A341 and the Felder A741 both 410mm long, I tried some replacement blades from WoodFord Woodworking but found them poor value for money (poor quality) Cheers Peter
  5. Peter Sefton

    I'm off

    To Atlanta for the International Woodworking Fair. I am looking at new techniques and tools and to see what furniture they are making. So what have the Americans got we haven't apart from Trump and very expensive health care which they can keep. http://www.iwfatlanta.com/ Cheers Peter
  6. Peter Sefton

    Fantastic trees

    Amazing stuff going on right under our feet https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_au ... r?SThisFB# Loved this
  7. Peter Sefton

    Self Tapping grub screws

    Looking for some self tapping grub screws to act as levellers in a project I am working on. They would need to be 5 or 6mm diameter and no longer than 8mm, cutting into either melamine MDF or possibly something a little harder like HPPE or Phenolic. Cheers Peter
  8. Peter Sefton

    Happy to be home

    What a long weekend, spent Friday and Saturday in Birmingham Children's Hospital for a planned operation on our 7 year old and last night in Worcester A&E with our 9 year old after she had an accident on our return home. Our NHS is so fantastic, FFS give these people the pay rise they deserve...
  9. Peter Sefton

    Possibly the Best Bandsaw blades in the world

    You guessed it TuffSaws! In anticipation of my new Felder FB510 arriving next week, I have just ordered a good range of blades from Ian. I sent him a few technical questions to ensure I am not talking out of my kerf when explaining all things bandsaw, his advice was as sharp as his blades. A...
  10. Peter Sefton

    Makers Central show

    Looks like there will be a very exciting new woodworking event next year at the NEC with some big American names demonstrating, looks interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6bUIHr7Cgw&t=326s Cheers Peter
  11. Peter Sefton

    Woodworking jobs

    The full time students have returned today, two of them with job offers after work placements over Easter :D and we have had a few phone calls recently from workshops looking for makers. How is the job market out their for woodworkers in general? Cheers Peter
  12. Peter Sefton

    Joiner needed near Cirencester

    One of past students is looking for an experienced bench joiner-machinist to join his great workshop, this is his details if anyone is interested. http://www.chiselworks.co.uk Cheers Peter
  13. Peter Sefton

    High pressure laminating recommendations?

    I am looking to find a good high pressure laminating company who have facilities for CNC routing and edge banding, any body used one or recommendations. Cheers Peter
  14. Peter Sefton

    Support furniture apprenticeships

    Please help support furniture making qualifications by filling in this short survey, if we don't keep pushing the government won't develop the crafts and industry that keep us manufacturing. At present they will only support level two apprenticeships, this is the get a level three adopted...
  15. Peter Sefton

    Hobbymat BFE 65 and MD 65 advice

    I have been offered a couple of Hobbymat machines and know nothing about them, a past student has passed away and his wife has offered me these. BFE 65 vertical milling machine with accessories MD 65 universal lathe with accessories I thought they may be useful in our workshop for some...
  16. Peter Sefton

    Delta Boss spindle sander help

    I have just been offered a second hand Delta Boss bobbin sander which looks quite good, my main question is can I get new abrasives for it and are they easy to fit. Cheers Peter
  17. Peter Sefton

    Incra table saw fence compatibility

    Looking for any feedback from users of the Incra table saw fences and saw tables available in Europe. I am interested in hearing which table saws people use with the Incra system and if they are happy with their table saws. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Peter
  18. Peter Sefton

    Buying the ST-635 DUAL DRUM SANDER or Jet 22-44 OSC

    Hi looking to buy a new single phase drum sander for the workshop, I have been looking at the Axminster ST-635 DUAL DRUM SANDER or Jet 22-44 OSC. http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-in ... r-ax873406 http://www.axminster.co.uk/jet-22-44-os ... der-210687 Does anyone have experience of...
  19. Peter Sefton

    Making Morgan Motor cars

    A short video showing the great range of skills involved in making these iconic cars by a fantastic British company! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4c9i250pc4 Enjoy Peter
  20. Peter Sefton

    Help our kids

    I much prefer woodworking to politics and I hope this is OK on the forum, this is copy of an email I received from the Furniture Makers Company, please sign the petition if you can! Dear All, Design and Technology: Educating the future today to ensure tomorrow’s skilled workforce! I am...