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  1. 9fingers

    Inverters available

    I need to reduce my collection of inverters! These Inverters allow three phase motors to be run from single phase power. In addition to solving the "three phase at home" problem, inverters allow a gentle controlled start, No volt release as standard, controlled braking and if needed, variable...
  2. 9fingers

    Inland revenue PAYE tax checker

    There used to be a simple payslip tax checker to use online on the HMRC website. You entered pay to date, tax paid to date, tax code, the PAYE period and the next gross earnings and it calculated the tax due for the next tax period. It replaced the old style tax tables I used to use it quite...
  3. 9fingers

    Axminster 'heavy' delivery free until end April

    http://www.axminster.co.uk/delivery-inf ... _delivery/ Instead of the usual £49 or £69 charge for machine delivery - this is free until end April. hth Bob
  4. 9fingers

    Giffgaff phone service- any comments

    I'm looking for a service provider for an unlocked I-phone and have come across Giffgaff. It runs on the O2 network and the package I like to look of offers 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and more importantly to me unlimited data for £10 per month. This seems better than anything else I've...
  5. 9fingers

    European Economics explained at last

  6. 9fingers

    Smart Phones

    It is about time I dragged myself into 21st Century and got a smart phone. I just can't justify Iphone type contracts but can run to the sort of prices that will get me a Galaxy S2. HTC Sensation is another possibility but seems to be less liked on many online reviews. Are these any good? Do...
  7. 9fingers

    Worth using a travel agent??

    I'm not in the habit of exotic/expensive holidays - usually a cross channel ferry and my own car suffice so I have no experience with airlines & travel agents. But this time I have been talked into a mega holiday. It looks like that I can go online and book the five flights that I want with a...
  8. 9fingers

    Yet another motor insurance gotcha

    About 18 months ago, my son was made redundant and lost the use of his company car. Having previously sold his own car when the company motor turned up, he was instantly car-less and needed to be mobile to look for new work. So I put him onto my car policy as a named driver with Churchill as...
  9. 9fingers

    Thermal Stores and all that

    Next years paper round-2-it design project for me is going to be installing a thermal store/heatbank with a solar collector on the roof and mains pressure hot water for the house. I would very much like to be able to swap notes and generally get experience from anyone who has gone down this...
  10. 9fingers

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas and Goodwill to all! May your motors keep turning but if you do have a problem, I'll be around all over the Christmas and New Year period and happy to offer advice. The odd enquiry might be a welcome break from the inevitable family overload that appears to be happening around...
  11. 9fingers

    Auction: Wadkin AGS 12" Saw

    Buried amongst a lot of non wood related stuff being auctioned off is a Wadkin table saw and a bandsaw. http://www2.ppauctions.com/_assets/auct ... ysheet.pdf I have no commercial interest in this sale whatsoever - just thought it might be of interest. Bob
  12. 9fingers

    Electoral Roll

    I have just had a fruitless journey to the Library to check a local address for a Christmas card. 'Oh we don't keep copies of the Electoral Roll any more - you will have to go to the council offices' Since When???? Is this the norm nowadays? Libraries always used to keep copies for reference...
  13. 9fingers

    'Tis the season of rust and mellow fruitfulness

    Apologies to Keats but it just seemed appropriate :lol: Some years ago I made reference to the anti rust heaters that I had fitted to my table saw. viewtopic.php?t=14547 The principle is that if an iron surface is kept slightly warmer than the surrounding air, then moisture will not condense...
  14. 9fingers

    Single to 3 phase inverters

    I have a varied selection of these inverters on the shelf that I've bought/collected over the years - possibly more than I need if truth be told. Whilst I'm not actively seeking to sell them, anyone who needs an inverter to run a 3phase machine from a domestic supply might like to contact me...
  15. 9fingers

    Workshop Joiner wanted -Southampton area

    I've just come across this job advert http://tinyurl.com/5w7w9dt I have no further info or commercial connection with the advertiser or employer Bob
  16. 9fingers

    Fitting a DRO to a table saw fence

    My Xcalibur saw has a clone of the Biesemeyer fence - see http://home.comcast.net/~jaswensen/mach ... fence.html for the basic details of these fences. This write up shows the step I went through to add the 'stretched' DRO scale from here http://thewoodhaven.co.uk/phpBB3/viewto ... =19&t=2128...
  17. 9fingers

    "Stretching" digital scales

    I've been experimenting with digital scales recently. Essentially these are a metal bar with a sensitive strip built into the top surface with a pattern that repeats every 0.2". A read head slides along the bar and using an electronic technique can measure the position of the read head to 0.001"...
  18. 9fingers

    Adding a DRO to my Router Lift

    I have a Woodpecker Router Lift http://www.woodpeck.com/unilift.html bought back in the good old days of more than 2 US$ to the pound and fitted with a Flex router. (Flex is the EU branding for the Porter Cable make that is popular in the USA). A bit like this one...
  19. 9fingers

    I'm Gone

    After unreasonable moderator action without the even the courtesy of a PM, this is my last post here and the end of my help to members via this forum. I'm quite easy to find around in other places and will offer help via other routes. Bye Bob motors@minchin.org.uk
  20. 9fingers

    Display Stand

    I seem to get some strange projects! For the last couple of days I've been making a display stand for woodworking show purposes. It needs to display the item complete with a few pages of publicity. It needs to be stable, rigid and yet be light enough to carry maybe from car park to display. I...