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  1. Sawdust=manglitter

    Advice needed from more experienced furniture makers - should I mitre the corners?

    Shamefully I’ve not worked on any more of the TV cabinet/sideboard for a couple of years since the main cabinet was complete and living in the house. I could use the excuse of a lack of time or other priorities, but truthfully it’s more than likely because in the back of my mind I didn’t have...
  2. Sawdust=manglitter

    Kitchen Knife Set - Recommendations Please?

    As the title suggests, I am looking to get myself a nice kitchen knife set, but don’t really know where to start. Ideally I don’t want to spend more than £200 for a set of around 5 kitchen knives, but would stretch that slightly for the right set. I do a lot of cooking with fresh ingredients...
  3. Sawdust=manglitter

    WIP - A pair of computer monitor stands - sculpted Walnut legs and Yew top

    After a manic few months of being the busiest i’ve ever been at work i’ve finally had a little over a week off work. So i decided to make myself a pair of computer monitor stands as both (non adjustable) monitors i use in work are too low and a stack of paper under each wasnt cutting it, so just...
  4. Sawdust=manglitter

    Where to buy wide belt sander abrasives individually?

    As per the title, I would like to buy a couple of different grit wide belt sander abrasives. These aren’t cheap and seem to only be sold in multiples of 10, but i only want a couple. Does anyone have a source where I could buy individual belts from which are ideally around 600mm wide?
  5. Sawdust=manglitter

    Calling all entomologist - i hope these aren't wood borers

    Panicking a little bit now. I grabbed a piece of ash from my wood storage in the workshop which was near enough stored against the wall, to find a few of these little beetle bug looking things crawling over the surface against the wall. I cant see any bug holes, but worried that these are some...
  6. Sawdust=manglitter

    **SOLD** 1 micron cartridge filter for large dust extractor

    ***SOLD*** I recently upgraded the filter on my Axminster T-2000CK-200H Dust Extractor to a HEPA rated filter, so this one that originally came with the extractor is surplus to requirements. This would be ideal for improvising improved filtration for some dust extractors, or an addition to a...
  7. Sawdust=manglitter

    Where do people buy their metal stock from?

    As per the title, i’d like to know if people have a specific website that they like to buy their metal stock from? I’ve bought some chunky brass rods from ebay before, but no idea if ebay prices are the norm, or is it a bit of a rip off? I’m just getting started, so a good cheap source of...
  8. Sawdust=manglitter

    An alternative(ish) to painters pyramids

    Just a quick tip (no pun intended). Been using these for a while but thought others might want to try making them too. Very simple, just some glue gun glue sticks cut to length, tip cut with a knife, and an appropriate sized hole drilled into scrap, and hey presto some grippy non-marking...
  9. Sawdust=manglitter

    What kind of lathe could I get for around £600?

    I’ve been woodworking for quite a while now, but i’m very keen to get more into metalworking. I’ve done a few bits and bobs, mostly by hand, and also done a little brass turning by hand on my wood lathe. Apart from the above I did some work on a metal lathe back in schoool as well as a summer...
  10. Sawdust=manglitter

    Does anyone here speak/read Japanese? Markings on Kataba Saw

    This Saw was an auction find. Although assumed to be a little old due to the slight surface rust, the teeth are extremely sharp and the Saw looks barely used. It’s a massive Saw compared to the other Gyokucho ones I have. It looks to be very well made, possible hand made based on the thickness...
  11. Sawdust=manglitter

    VCI Emitters - To protect your tools from corroding

    I have a limited number of VCI Emitters which are surplus to requirements. They are used to protect tools from corroding in tool drawers and tool boxes. These ‘Anchor Shield Foam VCI Emitters’ are a 10”x8” sheet which are perforated for 8No. 5”x2” foam emitters which are each suitable for...
  12. Sawdust=manglitter


    NAKAHASHI JAPANESE MORTISE CHISELS & BIT - 10mm, 12mm & 16mm Brand new mortice chisels and bits by Nakahashi. Sold by Scott+Sargeant. Bumf from their website... “These mortise chisels are manufactured to the highest standards from the best quality steel in Japan. We have found they out perform...
  13. Sawdust=manglitter

    Woodwork related tattoos??

    I've been itching for another tattoo for a while and would love a woodwork related tattoo, but struggling for inspiration of exactly what to get. If anyone has any woodwork related tattoos i'd love to see photos :D
  14. Sawdust=manglitter

    WIP - Overly decorative shoe rack shelf type thing

    I looked at this project as an excuse to get in some practice at more curvy/sculptural type work. So I sketched some designs for the feet. Once happy with the shape I drew it full size and accurate, using some French curves to refine the sweeping curves. Once drawn properly on paper I then cut...
  15. Sawdust=manglitter

    Yet another “What wood is this”... sorry!

    I recently won a box of random pieces of wood at an auction. These two interesting pieces of wood are both beautiful and I would love to get more of them if I can, but unfortunately I have no idea what they are! The first piece is very dense and heavy. Definitely some kind of exotic...
  16. Sawdust=manglitter

    Hegner Multicut 2 Scroll Saw ***SOLD***

    Hegner Multicut 2 scroll saw. Won an auction lot recently with two scroll saws, so selling my original scroll saw (this one) as it’s no longer required. Solid heavy duty machine in great working order, apart from missing the bellows (the price reflects this). Single Phase & single speed. £100 -...
  17. Sawdust=manglitter

    ***SOLD*** Nutools 18” Scroll Saw

    Nutools 18” Scroll Saw. Very heavy duty, solid, cast iron machine. Built to last. Works great. Single Phase. Recently PAC tested. £50 - Very heavy so collection only SOLD Payment by PayPal (f&f) or cash on collection near Cross Hands roundabout (South West Wales).
  18. Sawdust=manglitter

    Workshop Clearance - Prices Reduced & Now Include Postage

    Just sorting out the workshop so getting rid of a few bits that I either don’t use enough or some unwanted items from a couple of auction lots. 1. Record Stillson Wrench 18” Pipe Grip Vice. Drop Forged. Minor surface rust. £18 including postage . 2(a). Carroll Quick Change Sander. Model No...
  19. Sawdust=manglitter

    10% off everything at FFX (Festool etc)

    Better late than never... Email i received this morning for 10% off everything on the FFX website (festool etc), but it finishes at mid-day today (04/09/2019)
  20. Sawdust=manglitter

    Is this 3 phase or single phase?

    Hi, i’m looking at a thicknesser for sale about an hour from me, but not sure if its single phase or 3 phase. The guy selling isnt sure as its stuff from a late relative’s workshop. Based on his description and on these photos it appears to be wired directly to a consumer unit or some kind...