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  1. Karl

    Boot room storage

    Almost the last job before holidays... Bit of a pig to get in/scribe, but worth it in the end. Painted in F&B Moles Breath. Cheers Karl
  2. Karl


    I recently finished this job. All mrmdf, sprayed in Morrells 20% sheen water based. The gap between the two towers is for a sofa. Doors fitted with push to open catches. Cheers Karl
  3. Karl

    3phase electric query

    If I have a 5 pin 440v supply (ie 3 live, 1 neutral, 1 earth), can I use it to supply a 230v maching using just one of the lives, the neutral and the earth? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?? Cheers Karl
  4. Karl

    Wiring a "Star Delta" machine

    Hope somebody can help out - is it crucial for the phases to be kept in-line on a machine with a star delta start (ie l1 to l1, l2 to l2 and l3 to l3)? Cheers Karl
  5. Karl

    Felder P100 edgebander

    Hi all Does anybody happen to have a manual they could send me a copy of/scan for the above? Or the P200 which, I believe, is very similar. Cheers Karl
  6. Karl

    UJK pocket hole jig modifications

    Well, not modifications exactly. But merely mounted in a setup to allow for drilling of cabinet sides/longer pieces without removing the jig from its holder. HTH. Cheers Karl
  7. Karl

    Freestanding wardrobe

    Started work on a simple single door wardrobe today. It will be supplied to the customer primed and ready for painting by them. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] The wardrobe has to go up a set of spiral stairs, and as such needs to be capable of being fully dismantled. Pocket hole screws and domino's...
  8. Karl

    Festoool Kapex or Bosch Axial Glide?

    In the market for a mitre saw. Had been looking at the Bosch and Festool models. Any thoughts? Bosch is £165 cheaper and has bigger capacities. Festool lighter and better dx. Cheers Karl
  9. Karl

    Mirka Ceros sander problem

    Hi all I know there are a few Ceros sander (650CV) users out there. Mine is giving me a bit of grief. 6 months ago it went away for repair (outside of warranty period) as it was intermittently refusing to start - the led on the power unit would turn red as soon as the paddle switch on the...
  10. Karl

    Built in wardrobes

    Just finished this job. 25mm tulipwood doors with 9mm mrmdf panels. Sprayed in Morrells 30% sheen water based top coat. Cheers Karl
  11. Karl

    Lateral adjuster - anyone got a spare?

    I bought a Record 5 1/2 off the bay recently and the seller forgot to disclose that the lateral adjuster was broken - the button which sits in the blade channel is missing Does anybody happen to have a spare knocking about??? Cheers Karl
  12. Karl

    LN No9 Mitre Plane

    Has this been discontinued??? Looks like it - not on Axi website or LN's own website. Wonder why? I know they brought out the 52(?), but that's handed - the No9 seemed much better value (the Rolls Royce of shooting planes as DC once called it :lol: ) Cheers Karl
  13. Karl

    In need of some turning help

    Hi guys I need some help. I have a special musical box which is my daughter's. See images below. As you can see, the cheap and nasty plastic casing has been mistreated, so I confiscated it from her some years ago. I have just come across it and would like to give it back to her at...
  14. Karl

    Veritas custom bench planes

    Anybody got any experience of them? Obviously i've read through Derek's review. I was in Axi today and had a quick nosey - looked quite good, and quite competitive on price (5 1/2 for £260 as opposed to £290 for LN). Cheers Karl
  15. Karl

    Plane setting gauge

    I had to check the date when this popped up in my e-mail folder this morning..... Rutlands digital plane blade setting gauge. :lol:
  16. Karl

    Compressor - big & old!!!!

    Hi folks I have made tentative steps towards getting this big old compressor up and running The tank is 1800 long by 500 dia- my calcuations make that a 350 litre tank. So, it needs new belts - one is missing, the others are pretty knackered Opened the drain valve and drained the water...
  17. Karl

    Oak bookcase

    Made a little project this week. 40 planks of prime european oak After a lot of machining, jointing and staining, turns into this I'm really not happy with how the cornice runs into the wall. I wanted to either drop the height of the unit so the cornice could run right across the unit...
  18. Karl

    Centauro bandsaw refurb

    I picked up the new bandsaw today. Nice little machine. Well built, nice n simple. But a fair bit of rust, missing the rip fence, no DOL starter, blade guard needs mending and generally a bit of TLC. So I stripped it down and will give it a refurb. More pics to follow. Cheers Karl
  19. Karl

    Latest island unit

    I delivered this today - nice 400 mile round trip..... Overall size 1350 x 900. Double doors on the end give access to a cupboard, and the each of the middle doors on the sides gives access to a through cupboard. Customer hadn't sourced the handles so will fit themselves. Cheers Karl
  20. Karl

    Pair of woodies.

    I spotted this listing on ebay and popped it on my watch list. Sure enough, no bids so I made an offer and picked them up this morning: Slight crack on the runner piece on the badger plane Strike button on the badger No strike button on the jointer! It's a bit battered, but...