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    Maple box - question about splines

    Just to round off my question about splines, I've made a couple more boxes and got much better results with Blackwood (as opposed to ABW which I previously tried for dark splines). The Blackwood seems to cut like chocolate! For pale splines in a box made from ABW, I used maple and that also...
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    "Vanity" breadboard ends

    How much thickness/width do you have to play with?
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    House downsize, garage upsize!

    Wow, sounds exciting! If I were in your position, I think I'd be tempted to go through a process of imagining one or two projects (pick something that's representative of the sort of thing you commonly do), and going through it step by step trying to imagine how you would want to move around...
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    Table Skittles Project - No Plans!

    I can't help you in that case. The one my Dad made had the strings!
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    Table Skittles Project - No Plans!

    My Dad made one a few years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if he just made it up but I'll try to remember to ask him next time I speak to him. It worked well (including pulling a lever to stand the skittles up again).
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    How to Line Boxes & Drawers

    It would be too thin for a strop in my view.
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    Maple box - question about splines

    Thanks for the compliment. That's a good idea for the clearance hole. The gap needed is tiny (or at least it is on the size of hinges I used), but I agree that your method would make that neater. I think I'll give that a try.
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    Maple box - question about splines

    I've been thinking about the technique I've been using. Observations below: - Cutting the grooves. I used a straight bit (3mm) in a router table and passed the box over it in a jig I made to hold the box at the right angle. It seemed to work fine so I think that part is alright. (I avoided...
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    How to Line Boxes & Drawers

    For box lining, I bought a whole skin of pig suede from GH Leathers. Cost £25 plus £9 delivery (delivery charge is a bit steep, but it's quite large parcel as it comes rolled on a card board tube and is around 3' long. I'll be able to get a few box lining out of that.
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    Maple box - question about splines

    Thanks for the comments and the advice. There are a few things there for me to think about on boxes 2 and 3.
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    Maple box - question about splines

    Thanks. Yes, the lid is 6mm birch ply with oak burr veneer. I managed to buy 6 sheets of the same veneer so I can make 3 boxes where the inside and outside of the lid should look the same. The hinges are from prokraft (side rail hinges). Not cheap, but they seem good quality. I installed...
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    Maple box - question about splines

    No, I asked for the input. I've got a few more of these to make (Christmas presents!) so want to improve as I go along. Thanks again.
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    Noise levels in my workshop

    I do a lot of rifle shooting and the electronic ear defenders are good (something like the Peltor SportTac). They allow you to have a normal conversation with someone and hear general noise, but they cut down the loud noises. In an environment like a men's shed where you want to protect your...
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    Maple box - question about splines

    I've made a maple jewellery box with an oak burr veneer lid (first attempt at veneering). You may notice some resemblance to the box in Custards's excellent thread on how to line a box. Indeed, I followed his instructions for the lining of this one. @custard I hope you don't mind my using...
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    Yet another english style workbench build

    Looks great. Well done!
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    Softwood bathroom cabinet w-i-p

    Thanks Andy. Enjoying this. I had a go at practising a tapered sliding dovetail when I did my art desk project. I learned a lot - mainly that I needed to find another joint to use on the desk...
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    Wooden Greenhouse

    Hear hear
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    Wooden Greenhouse

    Following this with interest as it’s something I’d like to have a crack at one day. I’ve only had a very quick mooch online but couldn’t immediately find any particularly useful resources (e.g. plans, joinery techniques or that sort of thing). Please keep us posted if you find anything and, if...
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    First Serious project: Chest-On-Chest

    I love it.
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    Three-sided stools

    They look excellent. I love the design.