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  1. jasonB

    Windy Miller does woodwork

    Interesting video of a wind powered saw mill. Don't think its been on here before. http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread. ... mill-video J
  2. jasonB

    Hi-tech lathe

    Saw this on one of the engineering sites I visit just goes to show you can have all the latest gizmos and hi tech machinery but it really just comes down to who's holding the tool. http://www.wimp.com/chesspieces/ Hope its not been posted before. J
  3. jasonB

    Cracknell & Walters E2E

    Can they do it???? I know we have several cycling members, do you think they will get inside the current record, cutting it fine at the moment as they need to average 16.76mph or better do go under and they are at 17mph average at the moment. Track progress at the following...
  4. jasonB

    Reclaimed Parana Pine doors

    My regular client has just had a large hallway added to the front of her house and while I was there working on one of the back rooms she asked me if i could make some doors for a starage cupboard in the new hallway. The original downstairs doors are all parana pine with leaded light panels as...
  5. jasonB

    Walnut WC

    Well there is not that much walnut in it but thought that I had not posted much work lately. This was for a long standing client, she had it done about 6yrs ago in an art deco style when she moved in, I was too busy at the time and she wanted a change. There were pipe boxings everywhere which I...
  6. jasonB

    Kitchen tart up

    When I originally went to look at this job around November last year there was going to be quite a bit of work otherwise I probably would not have been that interested in just doing a makeover. Well in the end all I've ended up doing is new worktops, retiling & a few other bits, about 1/5th of...
  7. jasonB

    Latest Bathroom

    This is the bathroom that adjoins the wardrobes, a bit open plan if you like that sort of thing. Again the builders left me a bare room, this is the only pic I have of it when they had just started to strip it out and run new supplies. The client had intended to fit a bath weighing 480kg so...
  8. jasonB

    Latest Wardrobes

    Some of you may recall me mentioning that I was doing a bathroom with some expensive tiles, well it’s just about done along with the adjoining wardrobes as you can see in the following photos. First off are a couple of shots I took about 2 ½ years ago when the previous owners were still in the...
  9. jasonB

    i wood - on-line pricing

    pricing wood often comes up on this forum and I see from an add in the latest F&C that there is a new source for online pricing and supply, may be handy for those wanting to price up a job. http://www.iwood.co.uk/ I have not had time to see how the prices compare or work out what the parent...
  10. jasonB

    Sliding Wardrobes

    These are a few pics of a wardrobe I finished a while ago and have just got round to uploading. The Client wanted something similar to these Hulsta sliders but painted and floor to ceiling Carcases are 18mm maple effect MFC (8mm backs), draws solid maple with white laminate glass fronts and all...
  11. jasonB

    Mind your fingers & beard

    Wouldn't want to be the guy picking up these shingles :shock: http://www.youtube.com/user/Trukluver#p/u Jason
  12. jasonB

    And you thought Toyota had brake problems

    Clip of a F1 cars front suspension failing under braking :shock: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsp ... 624276.stm Jason
  13. jasonB

    Cabinet construction for The Tiddles

    A couple of weeks back The Tiddles was asking about cabinet construction in this thread and I said I would take a few pics of a job I had comming up. Its just a small wardrobe/storage cupboard in a spare room so nothing fancy, just MDF for painting and white melamine carcases. I'd done some...
  14. jasonB

    How NOT to use a recipricating saw

    Saw this on DIY Not forum, don't try it at home unless you want a higher voice (no blood and guts) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv-LAnPvvBY Jason
  15. jasonB

    Axminster "Fine Crafted Wood Competition "

    Anyone else had this e-mail from Axminsters, I just get a blank e-mail with no details?? Maybe if you guess what its about you win a prize :lol: Jason
  16. jasonB

    Extream Loggers

    Anyone else watch it last night on Discovery. The thread about oak pricing on e-bay prompted me to post this, for those that did not see it the programme was about a small firm of loggers in Tenasee who used mules to extract the butts. They were selectively felling trees destined for...
  17. jasonB

    Curved kitchen revisited

    You may remember that I posted some pics of some carcases for a curved kitchen almost a year ago in this thread https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/view ... ght=curved Well the kitchen designer that I did it for has finally got the photos up on her web site. As I said in the original post this...
  18. jasonB

    Woodfit price increase

    Just had an e-mail to say all Woodfits prices are going uyp 1st Feb so if you were thinking or ordering anything do it now. They don't say how much the increase will be but it may go up again without notice depending on pound/euro exchange rate. I expect their other trade customers will get /...
  19. jasonB

    Oak & Dayglow Kitchen - Long

    This is a kitchen that I have just about finished, just got a few more shelves and some painting to do. It's for a client that I have worked for in the past. She phoned me in the summer to say that they were going to be moving and would I do the kitchen and bathroom for them before they moved...
  20. jasonB

    Tool Girl

    Just saw this on another forum, you will love it :lol: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Na2XlnOJ8 ... re=related Jason