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  1. Neocleous

    Casters with retractable self levelling foot

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some casters to go on various workbenches in my workshop but I also need self levelling feet as the floor isn’t level. Has anyone come across an adjustable foot that you can raise and lower to engage the casters? I’m sure I’ve seen this but I can’t for the life of...
  2. Neocleous

    Record Power AC400 Vs Axminster AC15AFS

    Hi everyone, I’m looking at the two air filters in the title, I’ve seen a few threads on here talking about the AC400 and people seem pretty happy with it but I can’t find much on the Axminster model. Are there any opinions on one verses the other? On paper the Axminster seems to be a little...
  3. Neocleous

    Scribing Question

    Hi everyone, I have a newbie scribing question. I need to scribe in a fillet into a wall that is at an obtuse angle so I cant use the offcut scribe method as I have on the opposite side where the wall is at 90. My thought at the moment is to take a few measurements along the length of the...
  4. Neocleous

    Large format MFT Plans

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to move into a larger work space soon so I have started looking thinking about my new workbench. I currently use an MFT and I love the functionality of it so I want to make a larger one with storage and a router table. I was inspired by the BF/MFT...
  5. Neocleous

    Axminster Craft AC2305B Opinions

    Hi all, I’ve been thinking of getting a bandsaw for a while and I see the Axminster Craft AC2305B has £120 off at the moment. It seems to have mixed reviews but they seem older when the saw first came out. Does anyone have any experience of this saw or any other recommendations? Thanks
  6. Neocleous

    Blum drawer slide layout question

    Hi all, I have a couple of questions on laying out and marking for Blum drawer runners. I have a cabinet that I am going to fit three sets of slides to starting at the bottom and they are to be spaced evenly. I’ve worked out the distance between each pair of runners at 238mm. So far so good...
  7. Neocleous

    Melamine faced MDF/Plywood Supplier North West

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to build a cabinet out of a melamine faced board and I would rather the core was MDF or better yet plywood but I’m struggling to find a supplier from an online search. Does anyone know of a supplier in the North West I’m in Warrington so the closer the better. Thanks
  8. Neocleous

    Cabinet carcass glue up

    Hi everyone, I need to glue up some carcasses and I’m wondering how other people do it. The panels are 19mm veneered mdf boards and domino slots have been cut into the panels. The back is 19mm thick and cut to fit over the panels. The sides of the panels won’t be seen so screws are fine to...
  9. Neocleous

    How to accurately measure up for inboard dominos?

    Hi all, I have two pieces of laminated 18mm MDF making one 36mm piece and I have cut domino slots in the centre of each board, this is a centre self in a book case so I want the added safety of the double stack of domino's, also I'd like to know an accurate way to do this if there is one. I...
  10. Neocleous

    Table Saw buying advice

    Hi everyone, I am setting up a home workshop and I need some table saw buying advice. I currently have an Evolution Rage job site saw that is great for what I paid but it has its limitations and the dust collection is almost none existent which really annoyed me. I quite fancy getting the Incra...
  11. Neocleous

    What’s the best glue to laminate MDF together?

    Hi all, I need to laminate two pieces of long narrow MDF together, when I have done this in the past on smaller pieces I just used regular gorilla glue spread evenly and put some heavy things on top. This has worked fine but these pieces are a full board length and only 200mm wide. Is there a...
  12. Neocleous

    Are narrow cuts with FC guide rail stop possible

    Hi everyone, I’ve just taken deliver of my FC guide rail square and it’s an absolutely fantastic bit of kit now I fancy the guide rail stop for repeat cuts but I need to make quite a few cuts that are narrower than the guide rail. If anyone own the rail stop can you make narrow rips with it...
  13. Neocleous

    Metric Style and Rail cutter

    Hi everyone, I am looking to make some shaker style doors and if I can find one that suits me I would like to use a rail and style cutter like this one from Axminster My problem with this particular cutter and the others I have found is that it is imperial so there is too much slop in the...
  14. Neocleous

    Hardwood Timber Merchants in Warrington

    Hi all, I am making some furniture for my home and a lot of it is MDF that will be painted but there are some pieces that I would like to use hardwood on, even to have a play and make some cutting boards but I am struggling to find a supplier of hardwood in my area as I would like to go an have...
  15. Neocleous

    Best paint for airless sprayer onto MDF

    Hi everyone, I’ve just bought a Wagner 150M airless sprayer to paint some bedside cabinets that I have built out of MDF but I need some paint advice. What’s the best brand to use if there is one? I would like a mat finish and a mat clear coat to protect the paint finish. I have some Zinsser...