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    New layout feedback

    Evening all,Guys just a posting on how you feel now the new layout has been running for a few weeks,Myself loves it and its been great talking with other members on things i would never have done on the old platform. I have been a member for many years on various forums and loved it apart from...
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    Manuel Kity 1629

    Afternoon all so a mate has just bought a Kity 1629 spindle moulder and is looking for a manual link if anyone can help thanks les
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    Milling trees

    I have seen a few posts in the past but just wondered how many of the members on here either have-do mill their own timber from trees.I am involved on a couple of arborist forums and mill most of my own stuff. Really love this subject as a chippy/joiner it was always something i wanted to try...
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    Startrite Bandsaw 351s

    Been reading through a few posts on converting or running 3 phases machines on here and see that there are a few good guys on the subject.My situation is i have a 3 phase startrite 351A band saw and the details on the motor are shown below.I have a clark 5.5 HP converter so have tried on the...
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    Busier forum

    Guys is it me or does the forum seem a lot more busier that it normally is ? Much better with this new layout to.
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    Rest in piece

    Guys i would just like to let anyone know that a good friend of mine passed away yesterday. Phillip jones known as chippy jones of ebbw vale (rassau sawmill) has been running a well established business which was set up by his dad over 50 years ago. Rest in peace my friend.
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    Ash staircase

    Hi guys,Looking for a bit of advise on timber moisture content,I have got hold of some real nice ash trees which have been drying outside for a couple of years,I have a mate looking for a new stairs in ash so have checked the moisture content and its between 16 and 17.5 %,It has been cut and...
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    sedgwick planer rollers

    My sedgwick planer machine is immaculate with clean beds and been waxed,Rollers have been cleaned fully and adjusted with new blades fitted,Simple thing is when you feed the timber in to the thicknesser the timber just does not bite on to the roller,The roller bites onto the timber and just...
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    What model

    Can anyone tell me which model sedgwick planer this is as having trouble with the roller feeds not gripping
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    Nice piece

    Guys can anyone tell me what timber this is as cut it for a customer who was given it,Never seen pink wood before and its very nice stuff.
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    Oak beam

    300 mm x 300 mm x 3.1 m oak beam for sale.The beam has been cut out of a seasoned oak log and is a real nice piece which would grace any home as a fire place or another use, can be cut if needed,Price £600
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    Guys i posted in the wanted section a while ago asking any members if they new for a bandsaw mill for sale,I had a couple of replies but only places to look so i ended up getting a brand new one which will saw 6 metres long and 800mm wide logs and is a beast of a machine,I would just like to say...
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    Clarke 3 phase converter

    I am selling my 5.5 hp clarke 3 phase converter as i have upgraded to a transwave converter due to bigger machines.I have just had it fully serviced so ready to use.Item is in excellent condition and located on the heads of the valleys in south wales,Please pm if any questions. Price is £265...
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    bandsaw mill

    Hi guys does anyone know of a bandsaw mill for sale ,I am based in south wales but distance is not a problem,Any type of mill is of interest as i am looking for a small and big one.
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    eye brow roof

    hi guys realy do like talking to you guys,been a great help last week or so ,just a quick one is or has any one got an eye brow roof to do,if so let me know ive done six.glad to help if possible
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    wobble blade

    has anybody used old picadore wobble saw washers,bought some yesterday and wondered if they work with a normal 30mm bore saw blade
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    stacked dado

    does anybody know which bench saws a wabble blade/stacked dado will fit, the harbour needs to be quite wide and saw reasonable price to buy (screwfix,trade point,b&q ect) cheers
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    stacked dado

    can anyone tell me if the sip 01930 10" will take a stacked dado (is harbour wide enough to take blades)cheers