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    Sealant / Primer for OSB

    Use black fencing paint /stain
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    Bench top jointer

    A hand plane of course.
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    Bench top jointer

    Since you have the Triton thicknesser then the Metabo could be used in jointer only mode ... as I do. The Metabo is a very good jointed in my opinion . It’s reasonably quiet too .
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    Water based paint over water based dye.

    Hi , I find the rustins brand wood dye excellent to apply on white soft woods . Ebony is my personal favourite shade.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Four patio chairs made from spruce , dyed with rustins dark oak wood dye and sealed with wipe in spar varnish
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    Calling all intarsia practitioners, scrollers, modellers etc

    Hi Nev , that’s a nice offer to make . Do you fancy nailing to Northern Ireland by any chance . I find it difficult to get nice hardwoods here . Kevin
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    Hi , I have an Axminster AWFS 18 scroll saw a bout a year now and was wondering if anyone has a solution for easy blade unclamping on the top clamp so as to make many internal cuts in a single work piece ? It’s a real pain having to use the Allen key and to release the blade and then try to get...