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    Sold Router Bit clear out - job lot

    Clearing all these out as a job lot, most have had light use and been looked after. The 6 wing surface trim bit had been professionally sharpened by North London saw. Majority of bits are from Wealdon tool with a couple of trend bits and then a little selection of cheapo 1/4 inch bits from ITS...
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    For Sale Last few bits - workshop clear out

    Sorting through last bits I've got to shift ahead of house move. Some of these are re-listed from earlier threads. All prices are for collection, posting will be additional. Triton MOF 1400w Router. Only a few months old as bought to replace an Aldi / Lidl special I was using before. Comes...
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    For Sale Workshop Clear-out Part 2

    Clear out continues ahead of house move. Makita LS1219L SCMS - latest version with internal rails (and it will trench cut) bought about 6 months ago and seen little use. comes with generic leg stand. 240v - SOLD SOLD SOLD Makita DMR115 DAB Radio / Bluetooth. Latest radio from Makita. WOrkshop...
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    For Sale Workshop Downsize - Machinery

    Planned house move means I need to downsize my workshop :( Everything listed below was only purchased this year so I am sad to see it go but such is life and family lifestyle is more important. If i cleaned the dust off it all it would be hard to distinguish from new. Pricing has been worded...
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    Chip Extractor for PT

    I'm looking for a decent chip Extractor on a budget. Eyeing up the Axy trade PT with the helix head but specs show it needs 1000m3 an hour and having spoken to Axy they've said a 1hp machine won't do it and needs to be 1.5hp as a minimum really and to keep the run short. Anyone have any ideas...
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    SIP 01332 - fence issues

    Took delivery if my new table saw today - a SIP 01332 Now maybe I'm just unlucky, maybe I've done something wrong or maybe I just expect to much for my £1200 but the fence is absolutely awful. You have to grab the actual fence as opposed to the locking handle if you want to move it and even...
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    Where to start

    Now I've got the workshop where I want it I've got some space for a small bench top lathe. I've never tried turning before or looked at it seriously so no idea what to look for in terms of lathes or tools. I've got maybe £400 - £500 all in to get going and the lathe needs to be moveable as...
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    Saw Blade bore enlargement

    I've got a pratically new 254mm 40t blade from Key Blades and fixings I bought for my soon to be returned table saw in a 5/8th arbor which is not a common UK size. The new table saw will be a larger bore so wondered if anyone knew of a company that can enlarge the bore safely? Tried a few...
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    Fine cross cut 254mm Tablesaw blade

    Maybe my Googling skills have failed me but I'm really struggling to find a decent 60t crosscut blade in 254mm for my table saw. I ordered one from Axminster but it's arrived and packaging states it's for mitre saws so assuming wrong take for a TS. I can find plenty of 250mm blades bit not any...
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    Low Vibration Random Orbit

    I'm guessing it's a Mirka vs Festool and I've had a Mirka in the past I liked but wondering if Festool offerings are any better
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    Picked up a big chunky board of this for £20at the excellent hardwood offcut shop on Brentwood today. I've made it a habit to try and buy something new to me each time I go there. What's it like to work with and finish?
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    Sub £1000 240v table saw

    What would you buy? I'm looking to complete the machine buying by upgrading my table saw in the next few months. I've given the Lumberjack cast iron topped machine some consideration but wondering what else is out there?
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    Lumberjack PT305 - thoughts

    I've been contemplating a cheapo PT for a while but decided to up the budget a bit and was looking at the Metabo Hc260 but then came accross this from Lumberjack for under a £100 more than the Metabo https://www.lumberjacktools.co.uk/produ ... zontalTab1 It seems to be very similar to the...
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    Router Surface Planing - bit recomendations

    Can anyone recommend a quality 1/2 inch bit for surfacing? Mixture of timber and epoxy.
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    Considering a Budget PT

    So since getting back into woodworking I've been managing using a mixture of hand planes and power tools (router, router table and table saw) to dimension and thickness timber but I've hit a few limitations. Firstly thicknessing by hand is no fun and is going to be less fun as I try and size...
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    Got to Love Tuff Saws

    Never bought from them before as I'd never owned a Bandsaw until a month ago and I got Axcaliber blades for that. Having hit a need to upgrade to a bigger bandsaw after only a month with the little Axminster hobby machine I decided to buy some blades from Tuff Saws. With the website being...
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    Bosch GCM8 sjl SCMS

    240v version. Had for a couple of years and it's been in my workshop and used for hobby / DIY. Lovely accurate little 8" SCMS - selling as I've been wanting bigger capacity and internal rails for a while and a recent project Where I've been cutting sleepers finally gave me the justification...
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    Cheap surfacing router

    In need of a 1/2 router to run in a sled to surface table tops / chopoing boards. Can anyone recommend something that's solid and accurate enough for this? It don't need to be a great all round router, literally just going to use for surfacing and may edging with a template trim on the very rare...
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    Plane Dilemma

    So I've really started to rediscover my love for woodworking beyond house DIY carpentry. I have a QS LA Jack with the standard 25 degree iron in it. It's been fine on pine for the few tasks I've needed it for but it's not so great as I'm starting to use hard wood again. Now my original...
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    Boiled Linseed Oil on tea light holders

    Made a few tea light holders over the weekend out if Cedar of Lebanon. Went for 4 coats of boiled linseed oil to finish instead of the Osmos polyx I usually use as CoL is resinous so I don't think a wax oil will be good for it. Now my question is given that Boiled Linseed Oil is considered...