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    Dewalt DW745 site table saw and 7400 wheeler saw stand

    DeWalt table saw with wheeled stand Greet condition. Could do with a new blade. Situated just outside Bristol, near Cribbs Causeway. Could transport to Cannock or near Leek as working away part of the week. £350
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    Me again - REcord Power CX2500 + fine filter

    Would this be sufficient as a chip /dust extractor for a very small workshop? Lathe, mitre saw and table saw plus other small power tools? With the filter I assume that I wouldn't need a separate air filter unit, although I can't see a particle size rating for the filter.
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    Best place / price to get a proedge

    I've been thinking, advice seems to be that this is about the best kit out there for sharpening turning tools and will do chisels etc as well. I'm new to woodworking so no idea where is best to buy from. Handles have a good deal on their deluxe plus model but no stock until May. Can anyone...
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    Is Triton TWSS10 Whetstone any good, or better suggestions?

    I've had a look round and the Robert Sorby Proedge system but at £350 it's pretty steep. I found the Triton whetstone that also has a number of jigs including a turning gouge jig. At £180 plus a couple of jigs its half the price of the proedge. I'm looking for a one stop system to sharpen...