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    Koa Concert Travel Ukulele.

    Koa body, 15" scale. Mahogany neck. Purpleheart fingerboard and bridge. MOP dots. Corian saddle and nut.
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    Archery Trophy stand

    The glass dome was given to me as well as the original base, that the President of the club said "did not fit". He wanted a much deeper base so that many engraved plaques could be mounted over the years. 2 pieces of Iroko laminated for the base and a single piece for the top. 4 coats of Ronseal...
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    Archery Arrow Cut Off Saw

    Dremel powered MDF and plywood construction. Ebay purchase 60mm Diamond cut off disc. Works well. Square cut. http://s130.photobucket.com/user/wingat ... 5707078156
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    Neck carving jig. From Ukulele to bass.

    Simple ply construction, plenty of areas to clamp and hold. Adjustable angle for head.
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    DIY fret Slotting Jig

    Dozuki 240 mm saw from Rutlands (offer) with UHMWPE spine stiffener and depth stop. Ply and UHMWPE saw guide, Bakelite height shims. Lexan CAD CAM Laser cut slotting template, St.Steel locator pin (or Stanley blade in slot for copying precut f/b slots) and 15" Purpleheart Ukulele fingerboard...
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    Small moulding plane

    I have just made this out of purpleheart. The blade has been ground concave. I shall use it to make tone bars for acoustic instruments. A smaller radius plane is also being made.
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    New Coping Saw build

    I started this as a project at school to give year 10 pupils an inexpensive but skill based idea to work on. The photo shows my demo saw, complete apart from shaping.
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    Preval Spray unit

    I have been advised to buy a Preval spray unit for cellulose finishing my musical instrument builds. Has anyone any experience of using them. Results I have seen have been great, but technique will need to be gained.
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    Parrot Vice

    Anyone have any views on this vice. I will use it initially for guitar building. £33.00 from Axminster.
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    Koa Tenor Ukulele build

    I have just spent 5 terrific days with Pete Howlett in his workshop in Snowdonia, and have come away with a great Koa bodied ukulele. Mahogany neck, Koa headplate, Rosewood fingerboard and piezo pinned bridge. I still have to epoxy grain fill and spray with cellulose, so plenty of sanding still...
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    Drill Press Thickness Sander

    I have seen some purpose built thickness sanders, but needed to get this job done. I used to use the lathe with a bed setup and the sanding drum in a chuck, but stuff is in the way. So my drill table fence came in handy. I went for a low fence and there was enough support to sand the back of...
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    Small Shooting board

    I saw a small shooting board on a recent Pete Howlett workshop video and thaought it a useful addition to my bench. I have 2 pair of LARGE shooting boards but thought why not. I use it all the time now. It has a phenolic track and guide and is really slippy for the plane to glide along...
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    New Ukulele build

    A semi solid mahogany body 40mm thock , 2 piece with a 5mm 2 piece maple cap. Templates made, wood jointed and glued. wood planed level and flat. Body hollowed with sawtooth machine bits. Routing tomorrow. Piezo bridge pickup, active controls and a strap jack in the "end block". 2 sessions of...
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    My latest build. A G tuning Strumstick.
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    Absolute Magic!

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-storie ... -23709953/ Magician cuts off finger tips with a circular saw, whilst making his own props.
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    High or low fence?

    I am building a new drill table fence. Should I go high or low? what are your preferences and what do you add to the fence, T-track etc.?
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    Ramped Shooting Board

    I have been looking for a design to utiluse my QS 62 LA plane. I have seen the Tico Vogt board and have purchased a sheet of 1/4" UHMWPE sheet as a sliding surface for the side of the plane and part of a plastic T-square for a bearing strip. A ramp should aid the cutting action and spread the...
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    Rutlands Dakota Sharpening Sled

    http://www.rutlands.co.uk/hand-tools/sh ... ening-sled Any comments about this. It will hold blades at a steep angle, my Eclipse tends to bottom out. Wheels dont touch the stone, so no cross contamination. It keeps the blade perpendicular by a collar stop. Nasty colours and a high price, but...
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    Dakota Professional Dowel Jig

    This one is £50 at Rutlands at the moment. Anyone got one? I know it is not as good as the Dowelmax, but is shows good principles. There should be another threaded rod and brass stop to set adjustment, but the lad on the phone at Rutlands said that there was not!
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    EzeLap Diamond Plates

    I have recently bought 3 8" x 3" Ezelap Diamond plates, Coarse 250, Medium 400 and Fine 600 to complement my SuperFine 1200 from 8 or so years ago. I bought them from Tool Venture. After 5 minutes of use with the coarse stone taking some nicks out of a 2" Japanese Laminated steel plane blade...