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    Magnetic whiteboard

    I thought of making a white board for the workshop by using just the sheet of metal from an old fridge door and putting a wooden frame round it to finish the edges. Should not cost more than a couple of pounds too make. A larder fridge will have a door bigger than 800x500.
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    The ultimate workshop

    I have always seen Tom Walsh as a builder and over the years have learnt a few thing about DIY/Building from some of his programs. I was never expecting a program on the finer points of woodworking. With plans to build my own workshop this spring I did pick up a few tips on the construction of...
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    Rules concerning building workshops in the garden

    This web site has some interesting info: http://www.planningportal.gov.uk This would suggest that size is not a problem as longs as it is not bigger than 1/2 the area of the garden and that it falls within all the boundary limits. Alan.
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    Rules concerning building workshops in the garden

    John, I have been thinking along the same lines as you. The info I have gathered would indicate due to the size you want you would require some sort of permission. This site would imply you would be OK up 160 square foot. http://www.diydata.com/planning/planreg ... s.htm#shed Ultimately the...
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    Anyone used a Metabo SXE450 to polish car

    I know this is not a woodworking question but I know a lot of you guys have the Metabo SXE450 Random Orbital Sanders and I was wondering if any of you had the same thought as me. As there are polishing bits available would the SXE450 be any good for polishing the car? Anyone doing this? or...
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    DeWalt on the Internet?

    I was looking on eBay yesterday and was surprised to see how many DeWalt tools where going for what seemed to be very good prices. I was not just looking at items currently being sold but ones where the auction had finished, and some of these where new boxed tools going for about 50% of the RRP...
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    Spring loaded hinges on bought wardrobes.

    Had another go this weekend and the problem was more fundamental than alignment. Some of the hinges are more springy than others so swapped a few of the part than screws to the door around and all doors now snap shut. something to look out for next time to save me wasting a couple of hours.
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    Spring loaded hinges on bought wardrobes.

    Thanks guys I'll have another play this weekend. Doors do actually close squarely if placed shut so I don't think the doors are warpped. They just don't snap shut by themselves.
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    What would you use instead of MDF

    Most of my woodworking projects at the moment are driven by home improvements. I stumbled across this site a few months ago and have found it very interesting, informative and made me think more about the projects I am doing. Reading the various threads about the pros/cons of using MDF has been...
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    Spring loaded hinges on bought wardrobes.

    Hi Guys, probably the wrong thing to say on this forum but last year I bought some wardrobes from MFI. I am having trouble getting the hinges to pull the doors in flush when they are closed, ie a couple of doors hang slightly open. This 1. looks untidy and 2. I have fitted some internal...
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    I just tried to check my house but got "Unable to connect to server" Guess they are "flooded" with requests !!!! Sorry ... I'll get my coat.
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    Building your own.....(computer that is!)

    Over the years I have built a dozen or so PC's for friends, family and myself. But the I do work in IT and woodworking is a hobby and great release for what I do for a living. For my own use I have never found that an off the shelf PC has the exact spec I want plus I get a buzz out of doing it...
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    Preparing (Burnishing) a cabinet scrapper

    If I had only been paying attention I would have noticed the thread "New plane and/or scraper". Looking in here I found links that took me to a very useful set of instructions with diagrams. Think I have found what I was after. Alan.
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    Preparing (Burnishing) a cabinet scrapper

    Hi, anyone know of any good links to pictures of what the edge of a burnished cabinet scrapper should look like. I am a liitle confused as to if the hook should point to the long or short face of the scraper. I am in the process of removing paint from my house internal doors back to the...
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    Does my computer need a good purge?

    Before you go to the trouble of reinstalling try defragging the harddisk first. From Explorer => Properties => Tools => defragmentation. Not guarenteed to fix your problem but alot quicker than doing a reinstall. Also agree about the comment on extra memory. Price of memory is not that...
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    B&D Mouse

    Thanks for the tip. I have always thought the B&D mouse to be one of the worst tool purchases I have ever made. I'll see if your tip improves the mouse.
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    dust extraction (again)

    Hi Pete, I use the same set up as above IE Metabo 450SXE + Trend AF30 and agreee it does work well. This set up is very portable so I can also use it doing DIY round the house without getting dust everywhere. I do not have a proper dust extractor to be able to compare it to.
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    Storing of router bits.

    Hi Guys, thanks for all the useful tips. One of the first things I plan to make once my workshop is complete is a cabinet for my growing number of router bits.
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    Storing of router bits.

    Hi Charely, thanks for a quick response. After cleaning do you wipe off the CMT cleaner totally or do you live a residue to protect the bit?
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    Storing of router bits.

    I recently bought a set of Freud 1/2" router bits. After using the bits I have started to see a slight tarnishing on the shanks. As I paid quite a bit of money for this set I would like to protect my investment. Any recommendation on the storing of router bits. Should I coat them in something...