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    Thin but deep mortise - advise needed

    The piece is 25mm thick cherry, with a 7mm mortise needed. 70mm deep for a through-tenon. I have bevel edge chisels (Ray Iles) but it’s taking forever and I blew out the side of the mortise on a (thankfully) test piece. I have a cheap Lidl pillar drill, I drilled halfway with a hss bit, but...
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    stile & rail without gaps - help with design

    I'm making doors for a sideboard - cherry with wenge handles. Trying to allow for seasonal movement but hide the expansion gaps. My idea is to make a stile & rail panel that functions like breadboard ends. Here is what I mean: the handle is deeper than the rest of the door, so the centre panel...
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    Sedgwick planer stiff piston

    I have a CP planer Thicknesser which is very difficult to move the bed up & down. Tried cleaning with wd40 and rags, and greasing with lathe grease, but it gets smothered in dust and chippings and away we go again! Any tips on maintenance? Should I use a specific oil or grease? Do I need to take...
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    Liberon Finishing Oil & end grain

    Making a sideboard and starting to finish a few edges. Obviously the oil soaks into the end grain more, but after one coat it’s a little glossy, whereas the rest of the wood (all cherry) is barely satin. I’m guessing the end grain holds more oil so it’s harder to wipe off after 10 minutes. Is...
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    Inset frameless - Blum movento

    I’m trying to make 3 stacked drawers in a sideboard unit, I want to make half blind dovetails so the front face will be flush with the sides, that is, no overlap to cover gaps. Can anyone tel me the minimum gap with Blum movento bluemotion drawers, could I get the gap down to 2mm or even 1mm...
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    Chisel slip! Help with repair

    Took too thick of a bite of this dovetail, should I glue a repair slip on there now, or fit and repair with sawdust & glue later? It’s probably 2mm wide at the end Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Flattening a 3m x 500mm board

    Due to planer snipe worse than I thought, I’m having trouble flattening a large sideboard top. Basically one substantial corner is around 2mm lower than the rest (36mm thick overall). It’s no big deal but I’d love some opinions on which method to use: Jack plane by hand, or router with a...
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    Can’t get a camber on my plane iron

    I’m edge jointing some cherry and in one area I managed to plane a hump into the edge that I’m having trouble getting rid of. I tried to hone a camber into my jointer plane blade but when I hold the edge against a straight edge it’s flat. Ok I’m using water stones. 1200 and 6000. Primary bevel...
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    Edge join straight from plunge saw

    I was about to ask for a comparison between plunge saw blades, but my real question is, is it feasible to glue straight from a plunge saw? I’m working with American cherry, 36mm thick, but the pieces are over 3m long and 220mm wide so I can’t control them over the planer thicknesser. Out...
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    Sideboard height

    Simple question here, just wondering if there is a standard / traditional height for a sideboard, or a hallway storage unit. the way a table might be 800mm high. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dust extraction for spray tan?

    My missus runs a beauty salon and a large part of the business is applying spray tan to make the pale local girls look a little more exotic. (She can’t help if they have thick ankles though). The spray isn’t nasty, but the girls do a lot of tans the room has a bathroom-style extractor fan, a...
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    Broken hex bit stuck in machine, help!

    Setting my planer blades today and the very last grub screw got a split, got really tight, and then I got that awful soft turn as I felt the hex bit give way and shear off. I was using a 10” bar and was definitely over tightening it! (The split made it tight). So now it’s embedded a centimetre...
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    Planer Thicknesser not square - can I use shims?

    I just moved my Sedgwick CP onto a level concrete plinth so it's time to fettle it a bit in it's permanent home. The infeed and outfeed tables are in decent condition, but I think the outfeed is too low - when I turn the infeed height adjustment to zero, the outfeed is a few mm above it. I can...
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    Do you bolt your machinery to the floor?

    I have a couple of mid-size machines with floor bolt-holes, but I have them free standing. The bandsaw is best kept mobile but I wonder would the lathe and the planer thicknesser benefit from being securely fixed? Sedgwick PT 16”. Union graduate lathe. Start rite 352 bs Another related...
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    DaVinci Bridge design

    I have a 6.3m span I want to bridge, it’s a useful shortcut for me but mostly this is a fun project to make something interesting in our garden. I used sketchup to draw a layout, but the position of the pieces is infinitely adjustable so I thought a quick & dirty ply model would help me gauge...
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    Recognise this pillar drill?

    Would anyone know what make / model this floor mounted drill press is? Better still any guess to the age? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sedgwick CP dust hood

    I found a Sedgwick dust hood on eBay after a year of looking, but it’s for an MB, so it’s 12” rather than 14”. Would this provide adequate dust extraction if the hood and the piece are centred on the bed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Katsu router fit Bosch rail adapter?

    I have the Bosch FSN rail system for my plunge saw, and I’m in the market for a router - will the Katsu router fit into the bosch fsn ofa rail adapter, with the plunge unit attached, so I can guide the katsu? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Identify timber

    My dad had these planks in his shed but he doesn’t remember where he got them, would anyone know what they are? They are roughly 8x4” and 9’ long. Not particularly heavy for their size. I’m thinking pressure treated but can you tell from the markings? https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201811...
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    What is this tool / part?

    Can someone help me identify this tool? It’s one of my sister-in-law’s, dad’s tool who has since passed away. Any help identifying it would be appreciated