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    Burr Walnut

    It's in East London but I believe they do mail order. It's probably not sensible to visit the warehouse like I did. The temptation is just so great. I could have spent a fortune there! Fantastic place. https://www.capitalcrispin.com/veneers.php#W
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    Any physicist / meteorologist around

    So just how long is it before the windmills suck away all the air?
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    Gorilla glue

    I always store the bottle upside down . Never had a problem .
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    Oh My - I've been so badly undercharging for my work !

    The occasional table? Seems about right for materials, time & profit. Wouldn't want one though.
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    Sous Vide Recipes. What are your best/favourite/proven uses? All suggestions welcome.

    If I spend too long in my workshop without eating, I start to feel feint.
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    Sous Vide Recipes. What are your best/favourite/proven uses? All suggestions welcome.

    Sous Viding 2 monstrous pork chops as I type .......
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    Sous Vide Recipes. What are your best/favourite/proven uses? All suggestions welcome.

    Where do you get bags big enough for a rib of beef? Cheers
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    Tax advise

    I'm working from home at the moment. I'm painting my porch. Can I claim?
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    Finger Belt Sander

    Thanks guys. I think it’s going to be the Silverline. The Makita looks good but a bit bulky for the first job it need to do.
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    Finger Belt Sander

    It's one of those tools that from time to time I think would be useful. That thought has just now happened once too often and a finger sander now needs to be purchased. But which one? I don't want cheap & cheerful, something mid range plus? It's not that I'm going to use it too much, I just...
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    Cut string staircase, is it the work of the devil?

    And 18 months later ............. Thanks for all the replies, it made me think and to have a go myself, well, with my nephew as well who did most of the work. I looked at what "might" solve the problem without doing any real damage should it not work, and taking on board all the helpful...
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    Staircase spindle movement

    I've just "restored" our staircase and have attached a photo. The spindles are recessed in a square rebate and a nosing then over the top, not my design, that's what it originally was. They all had to be adjusted as over time they had all moved/shrunk but it wasn't that obvious because of the...
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    Do i actually need a table saw?

    Some idea of what sort of quantities and sizes you are talking about would be useful to help understand better.
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    So many angles on this. I retired 12 years ago and at the start it was everything I wanted, except for the loss of day to day human contact. It got to the point where I was grateful when the postman knocked on the door to hand over a parcel. Someone to chat to! Don't get me wrong, I've got good...
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    How do you hold your hammer?

    Doesn't it depend on how hard you want to hit the nail?
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    Nitromors and Gloves

    Can anyone recommend protective gloves that will not end up stretching and eventually falling apart when using Nitromors? Cheers
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    Is pressurised hot water worth it, with oil?

    We had combis for years which were great until more than one outlet was turned on. For example, I would be having a shower, my wife would decide to run a bath, or the washing machine would be turned on, and I then got a cold shower. The problem was not so much the boiler, it was 40KW, it was the...
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    Floating shelf brackets

    Bad, bad, very bad memories have been resurrected. I had to put up 3 oak shelves, 1800mm long that had been provided with hidden bars. Each shelf had 4 individual bars to fit. Hell on bloody earth!! Especially in a 140 year old plaster over bricks embedded with lumps of flint and the like...
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    Circular vs square

    I’m talking about palm sanders here. Is there any difference/advantage/disadvantage between using a palm sander with a circular disc as opposed to a square cut? Cheers