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    New Window recommendatons

    The windows in y house are coming to the end of the line - early 1980's, narrow gap and beginning to rot out. Anyone knowof a good brand? To slightly complicate matters its a victorian schoolhouse and although my neighbours have gone for any old pvc I'd really like something more in keeping with...
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    Drum Sander

    For reasons that I'm not totally sure about I' considering buying a drum sander - should've been before I built the kitchen not after but hey ho. Anyone got any useful advice? There appear to be two variations; first double drum supported at both ends and as an engineer that appeals or second...
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    Router Table Oddness

    I've just tried to machine a nice gentle bevel on the router table - kitchen doors - and noticed that the start and end have wider cut. Fence seems straight and the table flat. Being careful to feed all nice and evenly. Any ideas?
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    Restoration Specialist .... In the USA

    Ok so this is a bit of a reach but who knows ... Boss No4 son has had a hissy fit and broken two of the boss's chippendale style chairs quite badly heaven knows how. Trouble is these have sentimental value having been owned by the boss's parents. Repair is way beyond my meagre abilities so...
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    Now thats what I call service.

    Thought I would just do this post, more in astonishment than any thing else. Last week there was a post about buying stuff in the USA - happens now and again. I put my tuppence in as I spend half my life over here and frequently buy bits and bobs stateside. At the moment though the exchange rate...
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    FTAGH 5L Morrells Shellac

    Bought two weeks ago and only used a tiny bit. I know its no good to me and I'm about to go off to sea for 3 months. Pickup only in N Herts.
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    Tersa Blades

    Its time for me to get a new set for the p/t but was just wondering if anyone bothered with the non HSS variants? I use the usual hardwoods - cherry/maple/walnut etc.
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    Ripple maple Finish Osmo or Morrells shellac

    I've just veneered some very well figured ripple maple (from Mundys who were super helpful) and of course need to finish them. FWIW they re for kitchen doors and will have a cherry frame. I'm trying to keep them pale while bringing out the figure - in a way opposing needs. After bit of advice...
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    Spray gun suggestions

    Hi All Looking for a bit of expert guidance on buying my first (air supplied) gun. I'm initially wanting to spray a fair few panels with shellac so thats the first issue - they're 600mm x 720mm. There's such a huge variation in price/features that the mind boggles. I've used rattle cans &...
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    Vacuum Veneering Kitchen doors

    I've finally returned home and about to start constructing 20 doors for my never ending kitchen project. The doors will have a 75mm mitred cherry frame and a panel veneered with ripple maple. Having unsuccessfully tried ironing on the veneer (50% success rate - bubbles in the middle) I found...
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    Mylands Brushing Nitro Cellulose

    Hi All After doing a test board I decided I wanted to use nitro cellulose for the figured maple panels in my kitchen. I'd used a rattle can for the test; although it worked well it would be very expensive to do the actual project. Sooo, after a little online research I thought using a brushed on...
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    Maple Workbench

    A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away I happened to stumble on an add for a couple of maple beams left from a renovation - not long really but chunky - for a really good price. I'd always wanted one of those massive maple benches that all the yank magazines have but the cost was waaay out...
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    Tung Oil & Sheen

    I recently had a shot at a hand rubbed finish with pure tung oil on maple. It was very easy and the feel was excellent but after three coats it is very matt. Does it ever develop a soft sheen or will I have to give it a wax to achieve that?
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    Makita 18v Saw - Bare Unit

    Hi, Have had this sitting on the breakfast bar unused for a while - time to sell it. Brand new never used as I already had one - present from a colleague. Bare unit without box/instructions, model number XRJ01 £50 ono + £5 shipping
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    Cascamite - New User

    Thought I'd give cascamite a shot as I was running short on my usual titebond and peeps here said it had a long open time. Just finished gluing up the first part of my benchtop (probably wasn't a brilliant idea to start with that!) and had a couple of questions. Namely - mixed up according to...
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    Planer Chippings

    I'm not a brilliant gardener so was hoping there was someone who knows about this stuff. I'm generating an awful lot of maple/cherry waste on the thicknesser lately; is there any reason I can't use this as a mulch on my flowerbeds?
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    Spindle Moulder as Jointer?

    Hey Y'all As pat of my combi machine I've a spindle moulder - don't use it much so far. I've also a rebate head, a combi head and straight knives. Ok so far. The question - I need to joint so very heavy, very wide maple boards 40mm thick and its hard to keep them square on the fence of the...
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    Nitro cellulose gloss lacquer

    I bought a can of this while in Morrells yesterday - as a test finish on some maple panels - but have never used it before and there doesn't seem to be much mention of it on a search here apart from as a sanding sealer. I know the spray is a whiffy and I probably shouldn't smoke while doing it...
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    Vice Lining

    Morning All Looking for a spot of advice on suede to line my vice with - not something I know much about. It needs to be large - 45 cm x 15 cm (twin screw jobby) but what thickness etc - ebay has loads but it all seems rather nice stuff for jackets etc. Comed to think of it what animal? Cheers
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    Wishbone for Plane

    Hi All Bought a couple of planes on ebay - good apart from the irons. Two new irons today; Clifton and an Axminster Rider. Unfortunately the new blades are a touch thicker and the depth adjustment tab does not engage properly. Does anyone know a good place to get a replacement that will be long...