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    Christmas candle holder

    I made this yesterday from 12mm white corian my wife loves it
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    Help! Which scroll saw to buy!

    I took delivery of two off the Axminster heads today fitted them and I must say they have somehow improved the performance of the machine they take both types of blades and it has made the fitting of pinless blades so much easer http://www.axminster.co.uk/blade-clamp- ... fs-fretsaw
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    New bee

    Thanks for the tips Dave the guard was the first thing to go on the first day I used it I was thinking of making a plate to fit over the table with a small hole in it and fix it on the table with double sided tape or I have some 6mm ally that I use to make inserts for my band saw we will see as...
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    Help! Which scroll saw to buy!

    Hi I have just started scrolling and have the Scheppach Deco 405 vario the only thing I dont like about it is the way you fit the pinless blades but I have ordered some replacement fitting from Axy I have been using 1/4" ply to practice with but today I made a unicorn out of 12mm corrian on it...
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    New bee

    Hi I am known by most people as Woody After a lifetime of wood work and wood turning I have decided to have a go at scroll work the last time I done anything like fret work was with a hand fretsaw when the kids were little anyway My wife got me a Scheppach deco flex just to try and see if I...
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    Segmented corian pens

    Sorry but I didnt a friend made the blank for me I just turned it
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    Some more poly clay pens

    A few more Polymer clay pens the blanks were mad up in the evening and the pens turned the next day
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    Segmented corian pens

    They are quite simple Mike just stick 2 say red and 2 white 12mm bits of corian together with thick or med super glue to create a 24mm square red, white red, white with some thin black plastic in-between all 4 pieces when dry drill as you would a normal pen blank Now slice it up to whatever...
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    record CL4 lathe bearing

    It sounds like you need a new set of bearings the old ones have worn to far
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    Segmented corian pens

    That pen is corrian set out in triangles strange how it works out dont you think I have included a photo of the pen from a different angle
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    Segmented corian pens

    Sorry but I cant get out in the gallery at the moment so i am posting some photos of another pen hope this is O/K till I am back on my feet
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    Segmented corian pens

    An assortment of segmented pens in corian and plastic sheet and a few in swarf set in resin
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    X cut Masur birch

    Another x cut pen in Masur birch and a x cut bamboo enjoy
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    A few pens I made today

    Its all trial and error really some woods will turn with ease some will fight you all the way the only tip I can give is very sharp tools and fine cuts all the way if you go heavy then chances are bits will break of right down to the tube normally on the end which isn't as bad as it seems on x...
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    Best grinder for tools

    I now use the pro edge after 50 years of using grinders freehand and I must admit the pro edge is by far the easiest system I have ever used I wish I had done it years ago I sharpen everything on it from chisels to pen knife
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    Acrylic Corian Pen

    Corian dont need any form of polish or finish all I ever use is T cut or autoglem to buff the corian
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    A few pens I made today

    Two Sierra pens in wood one in X cut laburnum and one in I think in a type of Rosewood Three Lusida pens in polymer clay two with flowers and one out of scraps of clay rolled together
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    The last of my African blackwood logs

    This is the last of some African blackwood logs I purchased a few years ago a another thingamejig a small bowl and two chalis boxes Enjoy
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    A closed end Barron

    Thats right the same as this
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    A closed end Barron

    You got it in one the chrome ring is missing