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    Homemade CNC

    Hi, Not been around much on here over the last few months mainly due to designing and building my 'new toy' :lol: The machine size is 1550mm long by 950mm wide giving a cutting area of 1270mm x 630mm, I decided on these sizes so I could get a quarter sheet size on the cutting area. The...
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    Thoughts on an Emco lathe please

    Hi folks, First time I've been in this section :shock: :D I'm looking for a small metal lathe and have seen an Emco Compact 8 for sale at a very good price locally. Having never owned a metal lathe does anyone on here have the above model and if so what are their thoughts on it, is it a go...
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    Blades question.

    Hi folks. This is new territory for me so be gentle :o Has anyone here got a powercraft PFZ 400RN and if so can they tell me whether it can be modified to take pin less blades ? Main thing I will be cutting is shapes out of 6mm and 9mm MDF so any pointers on blade choice would be helpful...
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    Double sided tape, what to buy ?

    Hi Folks Can anyone recommend a brand of double sided tape ? What I want to use it for is to stick small MDF templates onto other pieces of MDF for routing around with a bearing guided cutter. I don't want a sticky residue left behind as the finished products are to be painted. Been looking...
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    Pen turning bushes & mandrel compatability.

    Hi Can anyone tell me whether Axminster pen bushings are compatible with a non Axminster make mandrels ? Reason I ask is I bought Axminster bushes last week to turn a pen and have just come to slide the bushings onto my Planet/Rotur mandrel and they wont go on they're too tight. On measuring...
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    Help with choosing & setting up an IP camera

    Hi Folks I want to buy and set up an IP camera, the camera has to be waterproof as it's going outside, hopefully not too expensive but I realise you get what you pay for. Can anyone tell me what hardware/software I need to do this, the idea behind the IP camera is so that I can monitor it via...
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    Playing with the munro tool

    I've been in the workshop again this afternoon having a go with my recent purchase. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to buy a munro hollowing tool from a fellow forum member who was also good enough to give me some pointers on using it as I'd never used one before. Today was the first time...
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    R.S Paskins Kidderminster Show

    R S Paskins have a woodworking show on this Fri & Sat, 12th &13th November. The info I've received says Mick Hanbury is the guest turner and there's also various other companies attending as well. I'll be popping in Friday. No connection with Paskins just passing on info received. Regards...
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    A few T light holders

    Hi folks, For one reason or another I've been away from serious turning for about 12 months so last weekend I decided to turn a few simple T light holders out of a few smallish blanks I had 'in stock'. Materials used are Yew, Elm, Ash, Sycamore and one which I think is spalted pear. I've...
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    Honda HRB476 QXE mower questions

    Hi I'm in the market for a new to me (second hand) mower for my domestic lawn cutting business, this would mainly be used as a back up mower. I've recently come across a Honda HRB476 QXE mower for sale but can't find a on-line user manual, or much else come to that, about it on the net. Does...
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    TV Question again !

    Hi Folks, First of all apologies for opening another TV thread but I know there's 1 or 2 AV hobbyists on here, so here goes. Our Philips 32" CRT digital is on the way out, it's actually the in-built freeview tuner that's playing up. I started searching this week at the various local retail...
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    R.S.Paskins Show Kidderminster

    I had a flyer through the post yesterday to say that Paskins show is on this coming Fri & Sat the19th and 20th. Chris Eagles is the guest turner also loads of other companies attending, oh and I nearly forgot, there's some new turning blanks in as well. Not sure which day I'll be going yet...
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    A day spent with Paul J

    Afternoon all, Back in September I had to pull out of Paul's bash at the last minute due to work commitments, so I duly notified Paul via PM and the response I got back was along the lines of ' well you know where we are now ' so as my work started to drop off a little I pm'd Paul to see if...
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    Yew shallow dish

    Hi all I decided to have an hour in the garage on Sunday afternoon and turn a piece of yew that I bought from Yandles back in July. It's about 6" diameter and 1 1/2" thick. As it started to evolve on the lathe I noticed a purple streak starting to appear in it, has anybody any ideas as to what...
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    Compressor fault, help please

    Hi, I have a Fiac branded 2HP compressor with a 50 litre tank that has started playing up. The problem with it is when it is filling with air, basically it wont switch off on it's own when the tank is full, you have to do it manually. Any ideas, is this an easy DIY repair or has it got to be...
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    RS Paskins show November

    Just for your info it's the Paskins show at Kidderminster on the 13th & 14th of November. http://www.rspaskin.co.uk/acatalog/events.html Might be of use to some of the 'local' lads on here. Regards Steve :)
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    FOR SALE : Record RP3000X scroll chuck

    Hi I've have for sale a record RP3000X scroll chuck 3/4"x16"tpi that's only been used approx 3/4 times, the reason behind this is that my lathe that I used this on decided to bite the dust. When I bought my new lathe this chuck wouldn't fit the spindle size so it's been sitting in the box not...
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    Workshop size question.

    For the last 20 years I've been working in my single garage doing mainly hobby turning but also working on other small ' flat ' projects as well. Over the last few years the housing association who owns the property have started to ' lay the the law down ' and state that a garage is for a car...
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    Ryobi 'Expand-it' range garden tools question

    Hi, I've recently been looking at long reach petrol articulated hedge trimmers as I have a few jobs coming up in the next few months, I know there are probably better makes on the market, Stihl for one, but as this is something I wont be using more than 6 - 10 times a year I really can't...
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    Painted MDF fire surround and hearth

    Hi All, I don't very often post here I'm normally in the turning section but I thought you might like to see this fire surround & hearth I built around 12 months ago. No WIP'S I'm afraid but basically it's made out of 1 sheet of 18mm MDF, lots of biscuits and glue. To give you a rough idea...