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    Revealing the wood

    I'm somewhat new to woodworking and I'm planning on doing some live edge tables. My issue is I don't have enough experience reading wood grain so that I'm able to predict what kind of color will come out of a slab once it's finished. As I'm meandering through the local mill is there anything...
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    Good and reasonably priced track saw

    Thanks for the advice. After researching the alternative track saws I've decided I'm just gonna have to cheap out here as I've already spent a lot of money on tools recently. So I'll be going with a regular circular saw and straight edge guide...aka maple board and clamps. Can anyone suggest...
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    Good and reasonably priced track saw

    I'm tooling up to do my first resin table and I'd rather not spend the $600 for the Festool track saw I'm seeing in all the videos. Is there a comparable model that performs as well? I definitely won't be a high volume producer. Don't need it to do any specialized functions. Just need it to...
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    Resin resources

    I'm jumping back into woodworking specifically to learn more about resin tables and similar projects. I'm searched all the woodworking forums that have come up on google but I haven't seen any forums specifically dedicated to resin topics. Is there something like this around, maybe sponsored...