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    Sven In Belfast (and a very minor cricket thingy)

    Alf, Seems cricket is going soft. Fair enough if someone like Freddie or Harmie (or past quicks such as Marshall or Holding) are steaming in, but there's no danger from slowies and spinners. The weather/conditions used to just be something else that was pot luck - seems no longer the case...
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    P/T Making a Strange Noise

    Tom, Just dug out the invoice - from Aug 2002 (!) so the price will probably have changed and they may even have changed address and/or phone number. I paid £8.60 exc. VAT - plus £2.50 "handling charge". Address is (was): Metabo (UK) Ltd 25 Majestic Road Nursling Industrial Estate...
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    Here in Switzerland yesterday I paid CHF1.87/litre (approx 81.8p/litre) for Shell V100 (local equivalent to Optimax I believe). I think regular 95 octane unleaded was about CHF1.78 (77.8p/litre). Diesel is - surprisingly - about CHF 0.10 more expensive.
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    Sven In Belfast (and a very minor cricket thingy)

    Not impressed with the stoppages for bad light - the law used to go on about physical danger to players or umps, but was apparantly changed recently and the word "physical" was left out - seems pretty unfair to me.
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    P/T Making a Strange Noise

    Tom, Last time I had to get a belt for my EB P/T, I called EB in Southampton (IIRC) and had the belts (I ordered 2 as insurance) the next days. Failing that, I see to recall that D&M in London have them.
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    Sven In Belfast (and a very minor cricket thingy)

    I'd say he's some bowler - but I think you know that :-) Currently watching at home having cunningly booked Thu/Fri off even though we got back from two weeks holiday in Santorini only last night. Having to "watch" the previous test via irregular text messages from a mate in England was...
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    Am I being ripped off for this maple?

    DeepBlue, For what it's worth, a couple of year ago I was at Arnold Lavel in Woodley (Reading) for the first time, and was checking out white oak. Having eventually decided they were very expensive, I was talking to one of their guys outside and he admitted that whilst they had good prices for...
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    Timber suppliers in Bristol

    Trigger, I used to use Lathams in Yate during the year I was working in Chippenham - the wood was good quality, prices okay (certainly better than Robbins) and they are a very friendly bunch, but are very busy during the week so prefer that you call a few days ahead of time and tell them what...
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    Come into my office

    Tony, Been there 3 times in 4 years - if you can afford it, don't rush back in, but take a few months off, you won't regret it and you'll really recharge the batteries (and build some amazing stuff as well.
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    Office? Funny???????

    Gotta side with Noely here - The Office is not you regular gross-out or slap-stick laugh-a-minute comedy - it's designed to be weirdly uncomfortable and more cerebral, and most of us "office drones" must have seen or more than one occasion many of the situations portrayed in The Office. For me...
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    Bathing the cat

    On a semi related note... How To Give Your Cat A Pill 1. Pick up cat and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and apply gentle pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand. As cat opens mouth...
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    New PDA?

    Vormulac, I recently advised a few people on this: Palm T5 (better, more expensive) or T3. PalmOS beats Windows CE hands down, syncing to MS Office is painless, and best of all: both these models have a switchable portrait/landscape mode - viewing spreadsheets, reading e-books etc is much...
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    The seasons are out of kilter!

    Switzerland has had an incredibly mild winter so far - I moved here for the snow, and there ain't any so far :-(
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    Bathing the cat

    Should you clean off any existing skiddies in the pan before washing the cat, or can you assume the cat will deal with these ???
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    plasma problems

    Tony, I'm guilty of baiting Comet staff :-) I went to the Reading branch one time to have a look at their big 36" TVs. I'd already done the electrical/audio/video spec research online and had a list of possible models, but wanted to check them out physically. I started inspecting them in...
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    plasma problems

    Chris, I've used eBuyer a bit (recently LCD screen and dual-layer DVD writer) and back in April last year most of the bits for this PC came from www.overclock.co.uk (very friendly staff). I'm not a great fan of Dabs - used to be cheap but not so much these days and service isn't what it used...
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    plasma problems

    Vormulac, You deserve to be shot for trying to buy from PC World anyway - utterly useless staff and very high prices for most things. No different from Comet, Dixons etc in that respect.
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    Some People Are Really Sick

    The only mistake Tony Martin made was getting caught !
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    Rust in the workshop

    I'll second the use of dehumidifers... My basement in Switzerland contains all my WWing gear, plus the clothes washer and spin drier. When the washer or (worse) the drier were in operation, the humidity rocketed. Bear in mind the basement is next to the heating cellar so is usually around 20-22...
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    Thinking about getting a lap-top computer

    Since some people have mentioned Dell customer service: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/12/15 ... r_selloff/ Sounds like the Hoover/Kodak situations all over again :-)