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    People of Lincoln, where do you buy your hardwood?

    There's Brooks Brothers over at Sewstern near Grantham and if you want English stuff there's a nice chap (one man band) in Elston near Newark, Steven Wright, Elston sawmill, Low Street, Elston, 01636 525015 or 07866 203618. There's also Nelson & Butler Horncastle. Andy
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    Forstener Bit recommendations please

    Have a look at this company. https://www.fine-tools.com/forstnerbohrer.html Andy
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    Can this be rescued?

    Little bit more,,,,,Just for some added strength I would make your next board brick pattern so that the joints are not lined up and this thing about the fungus being 'not good for human consumption, I think you would need to be eating the wood to get any amount into your food chain, bit like...
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    Can this be rescued?

    Mineral oil is the only oil you should be using and when the board is fully saturated it will not take any more. The problem is that spalted timber is so open grained that it will always feel rough, try a scraper, but remember the denser the timber the better a board it will make, the...
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    "Basic Box Making" by Doug Stowe. Shocker!

    Standard practice in the USA.
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    Another Joke

    Some news for you chippies out there.... Although Jesus was known as a Carpenter he never actually sang on any of the album's. Sorry, Ill get my coat.
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    Saw blades for bs250

    If I were you I'd run it with the blade centrally on the wheel so it is equidistant from the front and back edge of the wheel, ie. the centre of the blade in the centre of the wheel.
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    Making inlay DVD

    It is Tim,
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    Making inlay DVD

    If you are into making your own inlay banding this DVD is the one. It explains all you need to know (you will need a table saw for the cross-cuts) explained in an easy to follow way and explains how to make bandings of your own design. It is in like new condition. I am looking for £25 incl...
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    Sold - Inlay bandings

    I'll keep that in mind Michelle, I'll be in touch if things go pear-shaped.
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    Sold - Inlay bandings

    I have a selection of inlay bandings for which I have no further use, there are just over 100 pieces all 1 meter long plus a few short off-cuts (not pictured) and I would be looking for £45 incl. postage (Hermes courier) I have listed them now but at the moment I am slightly stuck as I live in...
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    Photo uploads

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    Photo uploads

    How does one upload a photo with a new post? I have tried clicking on the 'photo' icon and I get the 'image ' in commas thing but it goes no further, what do I do next? Andy
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    rust prevention

    I would be very wary of covering any machinery with plastic sheeting as this will trap any moisture or condensation already in the air and will not allow said condensation to dry out naturally, a simple experiment would soon show what I am talking about.
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    rust prevention

    Expensive,,,but so are your tools, this was developed by Boeing. http://www.rutlands.co.uk/sp++dk7130
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    Wood bleach mistake

    What if you bleached the whole floor and make it all the same colour? Andy
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    cleaning cast iron saw table

    Abranet. Start with 80 grit, finish with 240. Works well without a lubricant but will need a vacuum cleaner. Andy
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    Where do you buy baltic birch ply?

    Try Travis Perkins, Birch ply is totally different from any other ply as it has many more layers and there will be no voids, no filled sections, is more stable and correspondingly a lot more expensive. Failing that try 'Wisa ply' from Jewsons. Andy
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    Wood Identification?

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    jarrah wooden railway sleeper

    Massaranduba is another Australian timber used for sleepers, neither were treated and will stay down for decades. no matter if the timber is hard or not, sleepers will be full of embedded grit from the hammering they take and that is what is going to damage your equipment and I mean damage, not...