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  1. J

    SOLD: Box Making/Woodworking Books

    EDIT: Both have now been sold. I've been having a clear out and have a couple of books for sale. Both are like new and hardly used. "Box Making" by Doug Stowe £10 + £3.24 P&P 2nd class signed for "Cutting Edge Cabinetmaking" by Robert Ingham £10 + £3.24 P&P 2nd class signed for Jennifer,
  2. J

    chuck for pen blanks

    What's the best type of chuck for holding square or slightly rectangular pen blank type size of wood? It would be for drilling pen blanks and also work holding for turning some small stuff where you'd just have 1-2" sticking out the chuck. I have the Axminster clubman 100. Thanks
  3. J

    Advice on making pens for a craft fair

    It's my Dad's birthday today and I made him a letter opener. To cut a long story short my Mum asked if I would be interested in making some pens for a craft fair they're doing for Christmas. I'm interested in doing it but want to see if it's worthwhile first. It's not worth while if I can't...
  4. J

    Antiques Road Trip - Moulding planes...

    Just watching this on BBC 2 atm as they mentioned going to Wilmslow which is near where we live and one of the antiques 'experts' has just bought about 25 wooden moulding planes that were sitting dusty in a basement for years for £25! I'm sure he just got bargain of the month... these things...
  5. J

    More new dolls house miniatures

    I made a couple more pieces of dolls house modern furniture last week to add to the range on my website. The first is a really unique piece for the miniature world which is a simple cube that has 5 slabs, 3 of which rotate 360 degrees around a single pivot allowing for many combinations of...
  6. J

    New miniatures - comments welcome

    I have made a couple of new miniatures this week that are completely different to what I've done before. Since they are woodworking I thought you guys might be interested and comments are welcome including anything I could do better for my next lot.. always learning.. I'll have them for sale...
  7. J

    Advice on finishes please

    I have made a miniature / dolls house modern table from a sandwich of mahogany and jelutong to provide an edge contrast. There's also a strip of cherry in the top. I'm wondering what the best finish would be. Given it's for a dolls house I don't want anything that looks glossy as that won't...
  8. J

    Drilling small holes

    I was drilling some smallish holes in timber today but having problems with it splitting the wood. I was looking for a 6mm hole in a 1/2" to 1" square of wood at 1/8th thick but I tried thicker wood with the same problem. Ended up drilling in a bigger piece and then cutting down to size. I...
  9. J

    Help! Bandsaw tracking

    I am stuck with this problem - I've not had this happen before with my old bandsaw... I got a really old Startrite 3 wheel bandsaw a while ago and it's been running ok with the first blade I used (6tpi 1/2" Premium from Ian) which was a half inch though it did come off a couple of times put...
  10. J

    Axminster Clubman chuck - question for owners

    I went ahead and bought the clubman 100mm chuck with the O'Donnell jaw set after my post about which chuck to buy for my Jet Mini lathe. I just have a quick question: Should the accessory mounting jaws have lateral movement in the chuck? Mine seem to move back and forth - a bit loose and...
  11. J

    Bandsaw - blade slipping off wheels

    I've got my new 2nd hand bandsaw - a 3 wheeled Startrite of near vintage age. It's running nicely thanks to help from Bob (9fingers) but I was doing some test cuts yesterday and I noticed the blade had slipped forwards... Any ideas why this might be happening? It was running nicely in the...
  12. J

    Jet Mini chuck choice advice

    After my day with Richard last week I decided to get a wood lathe and I'm getting the Jet 1014 mini wood lathe. I'm a bit unsure as to which chuck to go for though. Axminster sell the K8 and the K10 Clubman chucks or I've also seen the Patriot chuck. I want to be able to do some miniature...
  13. J

    My day with Richard Findley

    Yesterday I spent a fantastic day with Richard Findley having tuition in woodturning. It was for my birthday which was a couple of weeks ago. Spent the morning practicing beads and coves on his big Wadkin. Being a lady I had to stand on a little platform so I could use it comfortably...
  14. J

    Dust extraction - extracting outside and airfilters

    I have been reading Bill Pentz's site and it is a bit scary, though I now realise from reading posts on here that he is mostly talking about chip extractors with poor filters rather than a 0.5micron dust extractor. Nevertheless, I would like to act on some of his advice and need a bit of advice...
  15. J

    Dust extraction - debris sitting in tubes

    I have improved my dust extraction setup after talking to Chems and have one of his cyclones and more 4" tubing. I now have two equal lengths of 4" flexible tube on a 'Y' connector which is then connected to the cyclone by a short bit of 4" tube. I have a short 6" bit of 2.5" tube with a...
  16. J

    Can anyone cut some V grooves for me?

    I want to make Steve M's fine adjuster jig for my bandsaw fence but I haven't got a v groove cutter for my router and it doesn't seem worthwhile buying one for a 15 min job when I'm not likely to use it again. It's 4 grooves in 2 bits of 12mm MDF - 300 long x 103 wide but one side is cut on an...
  17. J

    Bandsaw guide block review

    Jimi43 made me some really nice new Lignum Vitae guide blocks for my bandsaw. The originals consisted of 2 rather shonky LV ones and 2 steel, the steel ones being very noisy and the LV being both too short and badly cut so the faces weren't flat. (Not made by me I hasten to add!) A package...
  18. J

    Bandsaw advice - 2 wheel v's 3 wheel

    If you had to choose between your current 2 wheel old Multico BS35 bandsaw V's an old, University owned 2 wheel Startrite SP147 bandsaw with 10 speed gearbox which would you choose? The Startrite specs from my Dad are: "It’s 3 wheel with 6” under the guides maximum and 17 ½” throat (blade to...
  19. J

    Startrite SP147 bandsaw - any good?

    My Dad had a call from a guy he's friends with at a scrapyard who's getting a delivery of a startrite SP147 bandsaw. Well, I think it's that model - I did a search on here and based on the photo Dad had and a Hudson-Carpentry photo from a post a while ago they look identical. I'll find out...
  20. J

    Dewalt 621 / 622K router owners - help please?

    I'm having a slight problem with my 621K router that the little locking wing screw for the height adjuster isn't locking properly. I had it in a table for a while so I was using the fine height adjuster that you can buy separately. I've started using it hand held now and I've noticed that I...