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    Christmas candle holder

    I made this yesterday from 12mm white corian my wife loves it
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    New bee

    Hi I am known by most people as Woody After a lifetime of wood work and wood turning I have decided to have a go at scroll work the last time I done anything like fret work was with a hand fretsaw when the kids were little anyway My wife got me a Scheppach deco flex just to try and see if I...
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    Some more poly clay pens

    A few more Polymer clay pens the blanks were mad up in the evening and the pens turned the next day
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    Segmented corian pens

    An assortment of segmented pens in corian and plastic sheet and a few in swarf set in resin
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    X cut Masur birch

    Another x cut pen in Masur birch and a x cut bamboo enjoy
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    A few pens I made today

    Two Sierra pens in wood one in X cut laburnum and one in I think in a type of Rosewood Three Lusida pens in polymer clay two with flowers and one out of scraps of clay rolled together
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    The last of my African blackwood logs

    This is the last of some African blackwood logs I purchased a few years ago a another thingamejig a small bowl and two chalis boxes Enjoy
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    A closed end Barron

    A closed end Barron dressed in Tembusu with a polish finish can you spot my mistake
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    Ash long bowl

    Ash bowl 11" long x 6 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" high with a teak oil finish
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    12" x 4" spalted beech salad bowl

    Another bit of wood from H,O,W his spalted beech is the best I have ever turned no soft spongy bits that need stabilizing just good solid wood 12" x 4" and finished with 6 coats of teak oil salad come fruit bowl
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    12" Elm bowl

    I got this Elm in one of there £55 bags of wood from H,O,W finished with 6 coats of teak oil
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    Another small Holly vase

    I found another little holly log 5" x 2 1/2" I had to fill a few cracks with iron powder ans ca glue I have given it a wax oil finish I have included some photos of the ones I made before
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    Two more box's

    Two more boxes one 6" box made from Masure birch the other is made from Spalted Sycamore 8" I hope you enjoy them
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    Laburnum bowl thingy

    Fresh of the lathe today a Laburnum bowl 7" wide x 6 1/2" high finished with wax oil the log was kindly given to me by a friend Doug Barrett
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    Been away for a while

    Hi just a few bits to show what I have been up to
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    Some new pens

    Just a few of my new pens
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    Help 4 heroes

    Some pens we sold for help 4 heroes I made them with real bullet cases and military ply from cases dropped over Afghanistan with military motor bikes in them we sold all of them and more
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    Chestnut burr bowl

    Well I am almost fully kitted out again have just finished a Christmas stall in a garden centre every weekend for the last 5 weeks not very profitable but it is good being back in the saddle I have just finished a Chestnut burr bowl 8" x 3" at the highest point
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    Undercut Sycamore bowl

    Sycamore bowl 8" x 3 3/4" with an undercut rim finished with 3 coats sanding sealer and 2 coats paste wax buffed with a dome shaped mop from the local market £2.50 got to get some more I had a great time turning it Sycamore is one of the best English wood to turn with shaving flying over your...
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    Last three of the day

    Two Phoenix kits from Woodturningz in Majestic Olive and Norfolk both woods from Oz one Sierra in X cut Bocote