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    Which Drill Bill Set - General Purpose

    Hi All I need a good quality Drill bit set just for Genera purposes. I already have a good Fisch set for my wood working but I need something for everything else, can any one make any recommendations? Unfortunately all the big brands seem to be made in China I. Makita, Bosch, Dewalt etc Thanks
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    Cordless Dust Extractor/Shop Vac/Vacuum

    Hey All My Dewalt 584L is being weird. I have a Festool dust extractor but being in a no power shop a little cordless vac is really useful as it saves me running a massive extension lead from the house. I’m invested in the Festool and Dewalt battery ecosystem but I also have an old Bosch...
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    DF500 Domino - Heads Up

    Hey All Looks like the DF500 Domino is back in stock at FFX. I’ve ordered mine from Tool Fest, I’ll cal them Monday as I’m thinking they too might be getting their stock https://ffx.co.uk/product/Get/Festool-Df500-Q-Plus-Gb-4014549148457-240V-Domino-Joining-System-In-Systainer-2
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    Which Bench/Pillar Drill

    Morning/Afternoon All I am after a good bench/pillar drill and I am considering the Bosch pbd40 however as per usual me I would like to have something that is a bit more “trade/professional”. Apart from foboco etc on eBay does anyone have any suggestions of models to buy new? I know this is a...
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    15% eBay discount

    Hey All Just a heads up that with PICKUPNOV15 voucher code you get 15% off anything on eBay. The ffx outlet sells brand new stuff I picked up a Festool ETS sander for 430 - not bad
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    Festool Rotex 125 or ETS EC 150/5

    Hey All Yes I am a Festool fan and wondering which one of the above to get. The only reason I would go with a Rotex is for its dual purpose but im told that its heavy i.e. great when using it flat but a pain otherwise. As far as my needs go the ETS EC will work just fine I always like to...
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    French Cleat or Peg Board System

    Hey All Trying something new here, rather than typing allow me to explain with a quick-ish Video: password: ukworkshopnewbieraf This is my first time at video making/editing, so I'm not going to lie, it's very umm newbie like.... but don't worry I've got something in mind, yes, more...
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    Which Domino

    Hey Guys I know this question has probably been asked before but I have a chance to get either the DF500 or 700 and I am not sure which one to get. my project tend not be be any bigger than 18mm board so I’m edging towards the DF500, but then understand with adaptors the DF700 will do smaller...
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    Any idea - maybe silly

    Hey Guys I am thinking about setting up a channel/blog specifically about being a newbie woodworker. Silly right? Hear me out, I started my woodworking a couple of years ago, being inspired by Steve Ramsey, RagNBone Brown and of course the amazing Peter Millard. Watching about a billion...
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    Do things have to be millilitre perfect?

    Hey Guys I am relatively new to woodworking, I am self-taught and I'm about 2 years into this and I have to admit - - I am loving it, however, I wanted to gain inspiration from my fellow makers out there. Do things have to be millimetre perfect for you? I am specifically talking about things...
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    Kitchen Fronts/Cabinet Fronts

    Hey All I am fairly new here and I guess new to woodworking in general but have done a few projects now so getting more confident. The Mrs wants to change our MDF Oak Veneer like cabinet doors to white shaker style, so naturally, I'm looking into what it would take to make these. Here is what...
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    Baby Cot

    Hey Guys Newbie here both to woodworking and this great forum. Awesome to see such a Forum for us Brits. As, I am sure, with many new Dad to be, I am embarking on building my Son's first Cot and I was wondering if anyone has done such a thing (no search function on the forum) or if there is...