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    Mortice Chisel Sharpening

    Is this + diamond files http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-di ... 0sharpener an affordable replacement for this http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-mo ... rod725429/
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    Spray painting?

    can someone tell me how to approach spray painting please. I have my own 1.5hp compressor and I convert buildings amongst other things so i'm looking to apply all sorts of stuff from emulsions on plasterboard, to varnish on wood, to primers and eggsheel on wood, metal paint on machinery and...
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    gutted to have my ROS and makita belt sander nicked. :evil: Can you recommend a replacement -can't afford a new makita 9903 at the moment so anyone getting on well with any of the cheaper ones?
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    AEG 18v Drill

    Looking for an 18v Drill driver li-ion for various uses. Screwfix sell dewalt and makita at a decent price but with only one battery - not sure I want just one. Seen an AEG 18v 3.0ah with two li-ion for £180. Seems good. They are better than Ryobi aren't they?
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    carving tools what you think?

    http://www.lidl.co.uk/cps/rde/xchg/lidl ... _24590.htm
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    reversible clamp

    I need a reversible clamp - e one that pushes out to fix a tight dishwasher door. It needs to be 600mm wide at least. Can you recommend one or a set of four?
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    rust inhibitor?

    Whats a good rust inhibitor for hand tools and other metal objects in the workshop? My shop is dry but humid like them all as there's no heating. Nothing too dear but the most effective please!!
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    dust extraction planning

    I want to get in a proper extraction system. The way I see it it is only the P/T that really really needs the chip extractor - nearly everything else can be sucked away by a wet and dry vac - ie router, table saw, RAS, sander, morticer etc. I'm thinking of getting this...
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    mortise bits too long for chisel?

    Hi, I have a multico m1 bought second hand which I have struggled in my amateur way to understand. Since having figured that i need collets I have also bought some new bits from here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Multico-Morticer- ... _500wt_922 Firstly can i presume a 6mm bit will fit into a 1/4...
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    best things for a couple of quid

    What is the best thing you have bought for a couple of quid that improves your woodworking or hobby life? I'm thinking of things you can buy new for a song and that are not really used as intended but you have adapted and it has really improved your machine, or the way you work things?
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    recommend me a shoulder plane

    Can anyone recommend me a shoulder plane? I'm not sure i want one from the big three so should I look ebay or axminster for something and what size?
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    veneer for chess board

    Got a lovely old chess board table to do up. All the old squares have warped. Want to completely renew the squares. Does anyone know where the squares can be supplied ready cut? If not can you recommend a nice veneer for the white and black squares and suppliers? Thanks
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    dewalt 1751 RAS bearings?

    any idea where to get a couple of replacement roller bearings for a dewalt 1751 RAS? My ebay one only had two in the top carriage and I think should have four. Would dewalt still supply?
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    extraction question

    I want to build a little extraction system for the small dusts and wastes such as from the RAS, bandsaw, router, top of saw bench, morticer etc. I use the extractor for big stuff from t saw and planer but would like to rig up a cheap system using 32mm waste pipe and t joints for all the above...
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    multico m1 morticer - fitting chisel?

    Hi, I bought this morticer a few years back and have never got it going. I'm trying to get it set up and use it at last. My problem is that the chisels don't seem to go smoothly all the way up into the bushing, and another thing do I need to get other bushings made for other size chisels...
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    lidl scrollsaw

    Will it be completely rubbish and dissapointing?
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    riving knife screws

    A while back somebody posted a pic of using bike quick release bolts in the riving knife of their sip or axminster table saw. They got them from ebay. Can anyone remember this and what they were. The search engine is not my friend.
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    multico m1 morticer

    I got one of these but not used it yet. i can't figure out how to change the chisel and bit - it seems one has rusted stuck in there or something. Don't want to brute force anything. Is there a manual of this or a very similar one somewhere to download?
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    mounting a router to the plate?

    Hi I bought a triton router and an insert plate from axy (phenolic). What screws do I get to mount the router to the plate? The exisiting ones are too short and I bought a pack of trend router table screws and the thread of my triton is too wide. They need to be countersunk. any pointers?
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    triton router mounting in table?

    folks I bought a triton router and not sure how to mount it in my table. I've bought a router table insert and a set of screws from axminster by trend assuming they would have the correct thread. They're not. They appear the same size but the thread is different. What screws do I need to buy...