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    UV protection for garden furniture

    Hi all, I've got an oak garden table ready to go off to its new home and was wondering how best to give it some protection from the sun. New owner will probably want to top it up every six months or a year or so and at least slow the silvering process. Osmo do something called "one coat only"...
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    Gluing brass or bronze into oak

    Has anyone done this? I want to use some brass or bronze rod for stretchers in a table; the rod would be inserted into the legs and also the table top - both oak.
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    Making this tool... could I do it?

    I've never made a proper edge tool before but I'd like to try with one of these - a push axe. I figured I'd get the right sort of stock and just have a go, see what happens. But I'd like to at least have some sort of clue as to what I'm doing. For instance, how would I go about forge welding...
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    One truss of Notre Dame down...!

    A few weeks ago Charpentiers sans Frontieres hewed and raised one of the trusses for the restoration of Notre Dame in one week. As far as I’m aware this is the only truss that will be made like this, but what an amazing thing to be part of. https://youtu.be/orEaNz8EVDI
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    A new tool to me: stoßaxt/pontache/push axe

    I worked for a chap a couple of weeks ago who used one of these for all his paring and clean up work. It's a German tool called a stossaxt that we typically call a push axe over here, but is also referred to as a mortice axe, half-bisaigue or pontache (and probably other names too). The closest...
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    EU customs charges?

    I haven't bought anything from the EU since we officially left - have there been any changes to customs charges and what have you? It was very nice to be able to order from a different country and not have to incur any charges...
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    Casting staddle stones, anyone tried it?

    I haven't done any concrete casting before but I was thinking of having a go to see if I could cast an acceptable staddle stone. Why not eh. Has anyone tried it or anything similar? Can you help me out with techniques/mixes/what I need to buy etc? Cheers.
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    Hardwoods in bathrooms

    I have a potential client who wants an oak table for their bathroom sinks to sit on. Not only that but they want it to be 6" thick and for the grain to be nice and uniform and straight. I have warned them of the risks posed here and also sought the helpful advice of Custard but I thought I'd see...
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    Laying Staddle Stones

    Hi all, Bet Mike can help with this - I've been asked to quote on a softwood carport. The client doesn't know what he wants the posts to rest on so I'm exploring a few different options. The site is currently a pebble/stone driveway; would I be best off digging away the stones and laying small...
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    Axe alterations

    I recently had a hewing axe made for me and even though it is a beautiful tool (have attached a photo for good measure), I’m not getting along with it at all. I asked for the handle to be cranked but I don’t like it one bit and I’m wondering, is it possible to use a torch to get heat to the...
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    Startrite SD310 Thicknessing Issue

    Hi all, I’ve recently fired up the SD310 and something seems to be amiss when thicknessing. The piece isn’t being pulled through adequately by the rollers, it tends to stop, as if I was taking too shallow of a cut... except I’m not. Nor am I taking too deep of one. I’m not doing anything...
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    Frame 2020: 3rd - 6th Sept

    This year's "Frame" will be taking place in Kent on 3rd - 6th Sept. I don't know if you have to be a Carpenters' Fellowship member to attend or not but it looks set to be a fun weekend! https://www.facebook.com/Frame2020 https://vimeo.com/52150049?ref=fb-share&1
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    Google Ads

    Today I signed up for Google Ads for the first time. Has anyone used it and received business as a result? I understand that in theory it is an incredible place to advertise yourself and be seen but I am still skeptical at this point.
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    A nice find

    My parents had the local carpenter make a mantelpiece for them about 25 - 30 years ago in the house I grew up in. Some friends now live in the same house and the mantel is still there so I paid it a visit to see how it'd been made and try to glean any information from it. Well, on closer...
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    Online traditional door information?

    Is there a resource online for traditional English doors? I'm thinking simple plank and batten cottage doors and the like. I'd like to see some historical examples, kind of in the vein of The Village Carpenter. Any suggestions?
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    European beech for shelving

    Hi all, Some friends of mine want to make a shelving unit to cover one of their walls. They’re interested in european beech but want to know what its stability is like, will it warp or distort more so than other timbers, and how does it naturally age. That is, does it yellow with age. I know...
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    Installing windows on corrugated iron

    My workshop is a mish mash of things and materials, I think it was a cattle shed at one point. Anyway, the only wall facing outside is made of corrugated iron. I want to add some windows because it has none, nothing fancy just some used/reclaimed things I can find for nowt or next to nowt. Is...
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    Self-destructing Lathe

    Turning some chair legs yesterday one of the motor pulleys decided to spontaneously combust and now my lathe doesn't work. Does anyone know where I can get a pulley set for a Draper WTL90?!
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    Any SketchUp Aficionados In The House?

    I've decided it's high time that I delved a little deeper into SketchUp so I've decided to create a fairly simple structure from scratch, basically this: - I can't figure out how to create curved wind braces. Straight ones are fine but curved, not so much. I've tried a couple of different...
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    Veritas Dowel Maker - NOW SOLD

    I bought this from Dictum last November and have used it once - it's in mint condition. https://www.dictum.com/en/circle-cutter ... ter-703657 It's a great bit of kit and as you can expect from Veritas it is beautifully made but it just isn't getting any use - I'd like to see it being used...