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    Honing Guides

    Can anyone tell me which is their favourite honing guide and why? Thanks Nick
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    Sharpening link

    Can anyone tell me some of the best YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/UKW posts for people wanting to learn sharpening of hand tools? They can be questions as well as answers. Thanks Nick
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    Editing again

    To get me going with UKW after a long absence, I thought some of you might like to know that I am dipping my toe in the editing game again, in the very early stages of launching a new magazine. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported all my previous titles and my wellbeing over...
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    New Magazine???

    Hi. I am having the very first tiny thoughts about starting a new magazine/journal for anyone interested in wood and using wood. This is an early test to see if I can cope with communications and to see if there might be interest. I want it to be very much word-orientated, rather more about...
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    Joe Brown

    Can anyone remember in which issue of Good Woodworking the singer Joe Brown was featured? I am working on a piece about famous people who are or were also woodworkers. Any suggestions gratefully received, but for the moment I am trying to get hold of what I wrote about him! Thanks Nick
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    Kity 432 Roller

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get a thicknessing roller for a Kity 432? Mine doesn't seem to work well, though it may be the drive. Thanks Nick
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    Business postcards

    Has anyone had business postcards produced to show of their woodwork? If so, which one has been good in value and quality? Thanks Nick
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    Using mahogany

    In his new series, I Bought a Rainforest, Charlie Hamilton James asks why we still use mahogany in Britain. The programme was naive and dubious in many ways, but it made me think. There are so many conflicts regarding trade, illegal logging and biodiversity. I'm not looking for answers to that...
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    Bosch wireless charging

    I'm just back from Berlin where Bosch were launching a wireless base station for charging their cordless tools. This could be a game-changer, and works in a similar way to the charging of some powered toothbrushes. It transfers power by a magnetic field, which is shielded and protected so that...
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    Left handed plunge saws

    Does anyone know why plunge saws are all left-handed? Thanks Nick
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    Double sided tape

    We want to do a test of double-sided tape. Does anyone have any suggestions? We have a list of some products, but don't want to miss anything. Thanks Nick
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    Charity sale of tools at David Stanley auction

    Just to let people know that I'll be at the David Stanley auction at The Hermitage Leisure Centre, Whitwick, Leics LE67 5EU, to sell tools and books from our workshop to raise funds for the Help For Heroes woodworking workshop at Phoenix House, Catterick. I'm not sure what we'll be selling as...
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    Lamello Tenso

    We've just had delivery of the new Lamello Tenso 'biscuits' with a Zeta for testing. Has anyone else seen them? I think the amazing. In fact they could be the most revolutionary thing to hit furniture making, because in theory you can snap panels together with glue, and they will not come apart...
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    Please vote for chairmaker

    The chairmaker, Alison Ospina, has entered a European eco-competition, and needs the votes of woodworkers. She produces greenwood chairs from local wood, often just sticks and branches. Woodworkers have already taken her from 80th place to 50th. Let's see how much higher we can take her. Please...
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    Planer/thicknesser changeover

    Any thoughts anyone on the planer/thicknesser with easiest changeover from planing to thicknessing? Is there one out there that doesn't need the table moving to thickness, or can be customised to do so? I'm fed up of the Kity I have that takes so much time to change from one operation to the...
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    The Apprentice

    Did anyone watch The Apprentice last night? I was thinking about doing a flat-pack innovation challenge in the mag. Cheers Nick
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    April Fool Tool

    Lee Valley will be announcing their annual April Fools' Day tool tomorrow. Visit their website and search for AFD. We've heard from the horse's mouth that this year's innovation is heavy, at 220lb. A pocket anvil perhaps. Nick
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    Routerlathe Twister

    One of our subscibers is asking about instructions or advice for a Routerlathe Twister. This is not the Trend machine. Can anyone help? Thanks Nick
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    Rail systems

    We've been asked about rail systems for plunge saws etc.... Are any of them no good/brilliant? We only have experience of the Bosch and Festool. Never used the Mafell. Thanks Nick
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    Sash DVD

    Does anyone know of a DVD showing the replacement of sash windows, or perhaps a YouTube clip? Thanks Nick