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  1. J

    Workshop heating with woodburner for offcuts

    This subject seems appropriate with the current interest in workshops and the coming winter. I have a lot of offcuts which I bring home and burn in the fireplace. Rather a waste as most of the heat goes up the chimney, and I have central heating I have a large workshop with a pitched and tiled...
  2. J

    Sharpness of TCT cutters, sawblades etc?

    Any suggestions for assessing the sharpness of sawblades etc? especially when they are installed in a machine with a powerful motor? I'm not talking about when it's obvious when the blade is blunt, scorch marks, smoke etc It would be easy enough with a powerfeed machine, one could measure the...
  3. J

    Need design for movable partitions

    We expect to be moving to a new trading estate unit. It is quite a bit bigger than the current one and there will be room for a showroom. It means separating off an area with a partition which is about 7.5M wide and I guess 2.4M high (that's convenient, isn't it) Now this would be easy enough to...
  4. J

    cheap sliding mitre saw for sale, even cheaper

    I bought this a few weeks ago to take on site, but it's really a bit too big and heavy for that. It only cost £129.90 so if someone fancies it for £75 they can have it. They will have to come and pick it up though, to send it would bring it back pretty much to the Screwfix price...
  5. J

    questions re wireless and broadband etc

    I've had broadband for about a year now, I'm with Orange, as was Wanadoo, as was Freeserve. The modem they provided me with has a connection to the phone line and a USB plug. I bought a wireless router this morning, and find that it doesn't have a USB socket, but it has sockets such as one would...
  6. J

    need soft closers for a blanket box

    A customer has asked for a blanket box to match the kitchen we supplied. I'm concerned about the danger of the lid slamming onto someone's hands or fingers. I've had a look through the Isaac Lord catalogue and they have various mechanisms with adjustable brakes but none of them look long-term...
  7. J

    This stolen mobile phone stuff on the news

    This seems to be really big news on BBC at least, mobile phone co's are going to block stolen phones from being used within 48 hours of being notified. Thing is, though, that to the type of people that mug others for their phones, 48 hours is a really long time, well worth mugging some innocent...
  8. J

    Anyone know about video cameras etc

    I've got a Sony Digital 8 camera and when I connect it to the computer by USB the biggest picture I can get is 320x240 which is quite small on the computer screen. The camera and computer both have firewire sockets, would I get a bigger picture using this or do I need a newer camera- if so, any...
  9. J

    Spam filters rant

    My internet conection is working pretty well at the moment, which is nice, and means that I can receive on average 600 spam emails per day I have both Orange and Norton attempting to filter these out for me, but apparently neither of them can work out that if it starts with V and ends with A...
  10. J

    'cannot find server' ISP woes

    Most every early evening now, I am able to connect to my broadband service, but nothing comes through. It definitely conects, sometimes I get litle bit of my home page (Google) but by the time it's halfway throughdownloading the logo that's it, nothing more. Eventually it comes up at the bottom...
  11. J

    How many gigabytes needed to store a DVD movie

    on a computer? Just an average would do TIA John
  12. J

    Edge banders??

    Does anybody here have experience of edge banders, especially portable one? I foresee a need for something that could be used on site to edge band MFC. The price isn't such a big concern, but I would need something that was reasonably quick and reliable. John
  13. J

    Plinth drawer hardware?

    Anyone know where I could get some hardware for plinth drawers? I usually get my hardware form Woodfit and Isaac Lord, but no luck there. John
  14. J

    Recovering info from a dead computer PROGRESS SO FAR

    My computer, several years old now, has decided not to respond to mouse of keyboard, although the hard drive appears to be working. There are a few other snags as well. It had been playing up for some time, so much so that I was backing up to My Documents to CD frequently. Anyway, I've now...
  15. J

    Built in cupboards, need some ideas

    I've been asked to quote for creating a wall of cupboards on a wall that is about 2.5metres tall and about 2.8metres long. Seems to me to divide reasonably into 3 rows of cupboards high average about 750mm high and 5 cupboards wide around 560mm wide. Cupboards can only be about 300mm deep. My...
  16. J

    Am I the only person who detests Big Brother?

    It absolutely baffles me why anyone over the age of about fifteen would consider this programme to contain anything of interest whatsoever. Normally I wouldn't bother discussing stuff like this but this bl**dy programme keeps getting mentioned in the mainstream media and on the homepage of my...
  17. J

    Cleaning off excess silicone sealant?

    Any suggestions? The ideal reply would be something non-smelly, safe and effective, and that would work on silicone that had not yet set and residue that tends to be left behind when removing with a tool silicone that has set John
  18. J

    Super tough finish for wooden worktop required

    I've got a customer who really wants wooden worktops, I've tried to talk her out of it but she is still keen, and this particular kitchen would be quite easy to do in wood. What I'm looking for is a finish which is NOT oil. Some kind of varnish would be good, but it obviously needs to be very...
  19. J

    How to work wood and SAVE MONEY

    Time we big spenders put forward some of our ideas on how to do woodworking tasks without expensive machines. Here's the first of mine- When I first started making guitar necks, years ago, I needed to thickness pieces of maple, approximately 900mm long and 100m wide. No money for a planer...
  20. J

    Mafell DD40

    Anyone got one? looks interesting, and might be very useful to me, involved as I am with kitchen manufacture John