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    What might this be? ... I do know, but do you?

    Thanks for that thought, but I will stick with an egg McMuffin thanks,,,,
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    When beads meet...

    Hi Niall, that certainly would make things easier, Ive not done it like that before feeling quite wrongly that its somehow not the way to do it, but hell, its the same result! Steve.
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    Made mistake plastering bathroom. Backerboard?

    Thats reassuringly good to know Spectric, I dont know the brand my son is using at the moment, hes doing two showers and Im helping, but I recall him saying that they were one of the cheaper brands of cement boards and they have one side pre-primed, he has however slapped on primer anyway.
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    When beads meet...

    Really intresting that this topic should pop up as Ive been looking at creating these joints with beaded edge material, obviously I can cut by hand but I might get a neater joint using the router, trouble is that so far I can only find the Kreg router bit,,and its very expensive, I need a 45...
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    Made mistake plastering bathroom. Backerboard?

    I think that plywood (esp primed with PVA) is frowned upon for showers now, cement backer board (there are cheaper alternatives to Hardibacker) are excellent and cheaper than iffy “marine ply” and many come preprimed, lots of info online. The SDS stuff that Wicks sell is super to work with...
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    Multitool advice

    I have an old 110v Fein and like everyone said, its great, its got a very long lead which is soft rubber so no trouble to pack away. By comparison I recently had to use a Lidls multitool and it was truly horrible and seemed to vibrate so much that the blade didn't want to cut! It worked though...
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    Jointing a Large DIY Oak Tabletop

    Would it be possible to join each board with substanial loose tounges and assemble as snuggly as you could, perhaps using kitchen worktop bolts?then cut a hole in the middle which could be covered by a cap, as the top shrank the segments could be tapped further in so they are tight again, this...
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    Repair chair leg

    I was very taken with Phills little inserts above, but to get them to be really strong needs the shape of the joint as well I think? My initial thought was a large dowel but of course lining it up is really difficult and I wondered if he could clean up the joint and use good glue, then once...
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    Deadish Compressor

    Whilst you've all got your compressor heads on could I ask if anyone has looked at the pressure switch and how it might work on one of the little Parkside compressors, I found my sons one doesnt switch off? Steve.
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    How I charged an old removable mobile phone battery

    Fully agree with that John, there are some really horrible ones around. Mine are branded up as Michelin and came in a nice bag, there was a guy at the bootsale had a big box of them and was selling them off at a couple of £ a set, he said they were given away with of one of the french car...
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    How I charged an old removable mobile phone battery

    Many thanks for this info, my son has a Hitachie drill that he says will not charge, I think its because he has allowed it to sit flat,,so will give it a try. As to Car batteries, Ive found in recent years that connecting up jump leads and trying to start often results in the engine barley...
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    A Disaster narrowly averted,,

    Just for info and probably not the sort of thing you should ever need to know,,our neighbour wanted to replace a double glazed unit in his conservatory, I had shown him once before how to get them out and was happy to help again, however he pulled it out himself measured and ordered up a new...
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    Small anvil, now what?

    Shouldnt you start with a poker, thats what everyone seemed to make at school about 60yrs ago?,,,,mind you we had fires to poke then,,give a kid a poker now and he might brain somone with it! However, based on this ancient and limited knowledge I would more seriously say, I think you wont get...
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    a new era of low cost, accessible and efficient heating?

    Re the Microwave questain, its correct to say that its efficiency claim that I read somewhere was probably in relation to warming food and it was just an idle thought that perhaps it could heat central heating water as well as forgotten coffee,,but Im sure your all correct. Intrestingly there is...
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    a new era of low cost, accessible and efficient heating?

    I recently read that a microwave oven is apparantly the most efficient way of heating up things,,I wonder if anyone has tried making a microwave powered boiler,,,could it work?
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    Old Shipwreck found on beach Orkney

    Yes I thought exactly the same, if its a section of the keel then the “ribs” do seem to be very close to each other, and I began to wonder if it was to give it added strength as say a warship,,but your pictures of the Mary Rose show reasonably spaced out ribs,,,and of course, where is the keel...
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    Can't find the water valve in the street. Any ideas?

    I would be too frightened to even look at that crappy old stopcock let alone start twisting things,,,for me thats one I would leave well alone, once you have found the water boards stopcock use that to do any work,,,if it started leaking its their worry. I read somwhere that the worry over lead...
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    ****ing boiler system...

    You probably know this already but traditional stopcocks have a difection of flow with often an arrow cast into the body to show which way, if fitted the wrong way round they can cause all manner of issue's,,but they still turn clockwise to turn off,, Steve.
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    ****ing boiler system...

    First appologies for yet another probably completly daft suggestion, but there is I suppose, no chance that your stopcock, under the sink could have been fitted backwards? Steve
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    What connector is this?

    Im surprised to hear that a manufacturer would make somthing special like this,,I thought they used off the shelf componants unless it was somthing very unusual? Anyway, if your stuck what about using a regular spade connector and cutting a slot in it with the Dremel,,you can add a few anti...