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    MFT-style vs. Trad-style workbench design (is there a middle ground??)

    i was lucky enough to laminate half inch birch ply flat clamped to my cnc table, i know its dead flat, not sure how you could guarantee flatness without a reference surface
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    Sander and vacuum

    you wont regret the sander, happy sanding..if there is such a thing
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    Sander and vacuum

    mine is m rated as far as i know, it comes with a hepa filter, or its available as an option, the bags are supplied with different ratings i think, this festool forum page explains it better then i can Difference between L and M class dust extractors and i dont need the bluetooth as i plug the...
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    Veneering curves

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    New Large Slab Levelling/Milling Table

    heres another video where he improves on the design by adding levelling feet to the cross beams, i love how compact this is when broken down for storage
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    New Large Slab Levelling/Milling Table

    marius hornberger on youtube has a great setup for slab flattening, his original video on it uses independent rails and bearers directly on the floor, he uses a string method to get them parralell and in plane with the rails, simple and a lot less material to store between uses
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    Sander and vacuum

    the festool ct15 extractor is great, i got it the same time as the festool sander, it currently sells for around 300 pounds, it has a relatively low volume bag, but i use a small cyclone interceptor with it so it lasts ages.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    i like thelatches allowing you to remove the box, good job
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    Moving a wood burner.

    was just about to suggest this, i watched a video where a guy did exactly that with the outlet near his desk from the apex of the ceiling, he recorded a 10 degree difference in temp before and after, and the 12v fan is very cheap to run.
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    Latest thing you have printed / machined / cut

    hope thats strong glue holding them together!
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    Sander and vacuum

    after years of cheap sanders i snapped and got a festool ETS EC150 , it was an arm and a leg...and i think it was worth it .its quiet, comes in a 5mm or a 3mm stroke,stops almost instantly, and works beautifully. there are too many tales of mirka sanders packing up for me to get one, although...
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    Black walnut cheaper alternative

    its surprising what you can get from charity shops in the way of old hardwood furniture, of course once you cut out screw holes, joinery, and damage its less but still worth doing, my friend brings me old hardwood pieces he gets from a local tip that people throw away , they seperate out wood...
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    CNC advice please

    that kit looks pretty good value for money.
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    How do I get into cnc

    as ollie syas a short course in a makerspace will give you an idea of the process and you can get advice on machines and software, youtube was my entry into cnc, lots of time spent watching tutorials on different channels.
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    CNC advice please

    i think your budget is too small for what you are after, if its being used daily in a makerspace id assume at least 6 or 7 thousand for a decent machine. used is a toss up, unless you get lucky, remember unless you have expert knowledge in setup and repair it can be pricey to get it up to a good...
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    Buying a table saw for a new workshop

    a tracksaw will roughcut 8x4 sheets, then final cutting is a lot easier on a tablesaw, heres a guy who reviews a charnwood saw, not too expensive, he uses it for hardwood
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    A suitable wood for square plaques

    if you prime mdf with zinzer bin primer, a light sanding between coats, the edges come out great, it dries almost instantly so doesnt take much time.
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    CNC milling machine expandable bed size

    good luck lifting a machine like that up and down to the ceiling, if its 8x4 it will outweigh most of your other machines. rigidity is important in cnc, im not convinced a heavy gantry mounted vertically will keep accuracy over time, you will get uneven wear on bearings and rack and pinion or...
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    Van ramp

    agreed, 360kilo is a lot to stop, id attach ropes or a winch and slowly wind it down, make your ramp out of scaffold boards 12 ft long so its a more gentle slope, or better still hire a van with tailift like clogs suggests.
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    MFT-style vs. Trad-style workbench design (is there a middle ground??)

    3x3 custom by tamar on youtube built a hybrid bench, check her build out, seems more of what you are looking for.