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  1. Doris

    For Sale Workshop Clear Out Part 2 - Books

    Hi there, I'm afraid someone has already messaged me about these two sorry 😔
  2. Doris

    For Sale Workshop Clear Out Part 2 - Books

    These have been sat in my bookcase for some years now without being read so it's time for them to go off to new owners. Most of these will go large letter postage singularly but some are slightly too thick and so have given a separate price for them. I can combine postage if more than one is...
  3. Doris

    Sold 3 x Making Dolls Houses Books (Tudor, Georgian & Character books)

    These have now all sold I'm afraid :)
  4. Doris

    For Sale Workshop Clearout Part 1

    So I'm having quite a large clearout in my studio and workshop and this is the first lot I've cobbled together from my workshop. I am happy to combine postage on several bits if need be so have added the weights next to the items so I can keep track of pricing for combined shipping etc. The...
  5. Doris

    Can you make a DC motor run more quietly?

    These are some good suggestions! I'm not sure what you mean by "showing"? I hadn't thought of a belt drive at all. The motor needs to run at around 18rpm. I did pick up this high torque motor as I thought it needs to be able to rotate a millers falls drill, so the motor is attached to the drill...
  6. Doris

    Can you make a DC motor run more quietly?

    I did take the gearbox apart yesterday and run the motor without the gearbox on and it is a noisy motor. This was a cheap motor from china as the speed I need to run this automata at 18 RPM. Trying to find one in this country I wasn't able to find anything. This was baterry powered as well but...
  7. Doris

    Can you make a DC motor run more quietly?

    Hi everyone, I'm using a 6 volt DC motor with a built in gearbox to drive an automata I'm working on and the motor seems to be so noisy! I've tried opening up the gearbox and spreading the grease around, boxing the motor in and even running the motor at 3 volts and still this loud drone is very...
  8. Doris

    Wanted Coronet 3 Lathe Small Tool Rest

    I currently have an additional short tool rest for my coronet 3 lathe that I suspect isn't for my lathe as while it is a good fit it still slips down and seems to be getting worse. This isn't due to dust getting in the banjo slot either. In short I'm looking for a tool rest which has a rest...
  9. Doris

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Jack Russell, carved from Lime (y)
  10. Doris

    Any ideas on what this might have been?

    A fellow artist dug this up from her garden and gave it to me with a load of other rusty metal objects. One end is threaded and the the hole on the other side is too. Any suggestions?
  11. Doris

    Sold 3 x Making Dolls Houses Books (Tudor, Georgian & Character books)

    These 3 books might be of use to a fellow wood worker who is thinking of maybe making a dolls house for their grandchildren. The character book even contains plans on building your own pub or cider barn so there's something for adults too. Also there is a working water mill with built in...
  12. Doris

    Sold Unimat SL Micro Lathe - With Upgraded Variable Motor and Accessories

    I'm selling this lathe due to upgrading to a Unimat 3 with milling attachment. I am very sad to see it go. Emco Unimat SL lathe which was upgraded last year with a new 24v DC 100w motor, driven by a 24V 5A 120W PSU and a pwm variable speed controller. The lathe was last used 2 weeks ago and was...
  13. Doris

    any carvers on here...

    That screams AI at me without even watching it. The size of the walnut grain on the base compared to the rest of the dinosaur. Either the dinosaur is tiny or it's AI. I chose the latter.
  14. Doris

    For Sale 1 1/2" Marples Firmer Chisel

    Big boy of a chisel up for grabs here! 1 1/2" wide firmer made by Marples. Total length including handle 11 1/2". The handle is in fair shape apart from the tip/hoop which has come loose. Could be a candidate for rehandling by someone who knows what they are doing. £10 plus £3.50 for second...
  15. Doris

    For Sale 2 Pairs of Spare Stanley Spokeshave Blades and Lever Caps For Sale

    Found them! Will drop you a message shortly :)
  16. Doris

    For Sale 2 Pairs of Spare Stanley Spokeshave Blades and Lever Caps For Sale

    Hi there, Yes these are still available. I just need to remember where I put them! :unsure: 🤣
  17. Doris

    For Sale Lignum Vitae Bowl

    Approximately 87mm across it's widest point. No cracks or dents in it. Weighs 500g £10.00 plus postage please
  18. Doris

    101 uses for a hot melt glue gun.

    I use hot glue for a lot of my miniature art work. If you pull it as it cools it becomes hair, if you stab at it, it becomes foliage in a garden or boots and feet for my tiny carved figures if you shape it on e it has a skin over it. You burn your fingers a lot of the time though 😂 Some photos...