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    Personally, I'd say no. I suspect with this like many other schemes you'll pay for an occasional discount with endless trawling through tat and probably end up spending that saving on things you never really wanted.
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    Making my own door frames

    Only note I'd make is that 20mm is on the thin side. By the time you've rebated the hinges there'll be little left to screw into. Equally these linings will need good support from the wall structure to stop sag or distortion. Something a bit more robust would be my suggestion.
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    Anatomy of a table

    It has relatively delicate proportions, but there are plenty of examples in existing furniture of this scale or finer. Shouldn't need stretchers for typical side/end table use. Google 'antique console table' for examples with and without stretchers.
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    A little truth for a change.

    No, but same county. Barnstaple.
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    A little truth for a change.

    I don't think the destination of a well resourced 15 minute city is wrong, as I clearly said. Just that I'm not surprised that the mismanaged route to get there might not achieve universal support.
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    A little truth for a change.

    Indeed I do. To know that's the way the vote went made me feel even more disconnected from the UK... a Brexit voting, Conservative voting UK doesn't feel like home. . If I could have found a way I could afford to leave before the barriers went up, I would have done. Equally anybody I know who...
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    A little truth for a change.

    Love the idea of 15 minute towns. I live in one. 15 minutes walk gets me to shops, GP, cinema, theatre, library, waterside park and out to country walks, and to a bus and train station too. It's an old-style market town that's not dead yet. But the transition to 15 minute cities is harder. A...
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    Live edge mirror question

    You've spotted the flaw in the concept. The glue may well not be flexible enough. Careful design to isolate the glass is the way to go. Video guides may well be just entertainment from content creators, not necessarily the route to a lasting outcome.
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    Record Vice Guide Bars Bent

    Or you could take the pragmatic approach and make a tapered wooden outer jaw to compensate...
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    Gate construction lore ?

    Don't know about lore, but personally I'd slant the braces more and centre them to the gate. And notch the ends of the braces into the rails too. Less worried about a particular angle.
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    water proofing

    Short answer-no, not to hold water. Some folks argue that epoxy resin might work. But really nothing is guaranteed. Better to use a removable liner (plastic, metal, glass) than rely on any coating.
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    Fascinating. What's the application for the tulip-shaped large barrels?
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    Straightening a twisted frame

    If the timbers are basically straight, but with a twist, then you can cut the joins to allow for that, so the twist doesn't transfer to the door.
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    Oak veneer mdf doors

    While agreeing that it's their fault, and ideally they should replace the whole sheet (which is what you bought), realistically that was always going to be a vulnerable point, and if they hadn't done it, something similar was likely to happen soon. Personally I'd try to fix it myself : clamp it...
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    Mould growing after using water based filler on wood floor

    Second thread on this subject? What makes you think it's mould other than the appearance. Anyway.... Tannins? Tannic acid, naturally present in oak. Can react with iron in the presence of water to produce a black staining. I note you used oak sanding dust in your filler mix. If that dust was...
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    Cleaning oak doors

    Wire wool on oak? Risking black staining if any fibres/debris remains in the grain.... Perhaps Scotch-Brite would be safer. But definitely oxalic acid to remove staining.
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    Mould growing on floorboard filler???

    Is it old or new parquet? What was the subfloor like before filling? It seems a bit quick for mould, wondering if it's some some of glue, mastic or pitch subfloor coating that's tracking through as staining?
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    Water proofing inside a wooden vase

    No it's not possible. Design around a commonly available glass or plastic container to use a a liner.
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    Buying from EU

    Seems to be possible But I suspect that the administrative grief against a small profit margin, plus delivery and warranty issues places it in the 'too much trouble' department.
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    Letterbox/Letter plate aperture wrong?

    It's a poor design, but not unusual for fancy-looking door furniture. You could cut tighter to the hinge pin with a bit of easing for the hinge lugs to give a bit more overlap, but it'll never be brilliant.