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  1. Boatfixer

    Lacquer and varnish

    Totally normal for water based.
  2. Boatfixer

    Colouring PVC waste pipe

    I might be inclined to wrap them in vinyl. Most sign shops will have bright coloured offcuts....
  3. Boatfixer

    Sawdust briquets

    Spent a lot of time making a press tool to make bricks using a 50 ton bearing press. The amount of effort and time to produce a few feebly burning logs meant we abandoned it after a few months.
  4. Boatfixer

    Glue advice needed please

    I'd go for double sided tape for these. Quick clean and easy, they will never move.
  5. Boatfixer

    Cutting gears

    For an easy to understand explanation of gear teeth This Old Tony is worth a watch -
  6. Boatfixer

    Cutting steel rod (16 mm) so it has a square end

    If you already have the bar and are in the gateshead area any time during the week you are welcome to use my cold cut saw. If you need to buy the bar Metal Supermarkets on Team Valley supply cut to size at a reasonable small quantity price.
  7. Boatfixer

    Cutters for metalworking Mill

    Sending you a message now......
  8. Boatfixer

    Anyone have a mill and looking for cutters

    A large bridgeport cnc has become my covid madness in the workshop and I am very short of tools so depending on price I would be very interested. I am over in Newcastle so not a million miles away to collect.
  9. Boatfixer

    Newbie Question...Has Anyone Got An Opinion on This Lathe

    I would imagine thats why the op posted in the metalwork section......
  10. Boatfixer

    For Sale: Brand new sealey twin blade saw SCT125

    Hi - tried to contact you with pm and email but you don't seem to be receiving them. Can you let me know when you intend posting this please? I know I said I wasn't in a hurry but it has been a couple of weeks since I paid....... Ta Graham
  11. Boatfixer

    Antique Pantry cupboard Build (Refresh/Upcycle?)

    What is it with cats and high places.......
  12. Boatfixer

    Thickness sander/drum sander DIY Made - wakefield Yorkshire

    I am definitely interested but with the logistics of getting down to collect this I'm not sure I could offer your asking price. If £100 would be enough I could pick this up next week. I completely understand if you want to hold out for your asking price but if it doesn't sell then the offer...
  13. Boatfixer

    Good adjustable Spanners?

    I don't remember where it was as it is several years since I was last working in oil and gas but if I remember correctly there had been an accident on site where an adjustable had slipped and someone was injured. Initially they banned all adjustables but found this was impractical and widely...
  14. Boatfixer

    Good adjustable Spanners?

    I once did some contracting on a large petrochemical site and the only adjustable spanners you were allowed to have in your toolbox on site were Bahco. Anything else and you were sent home.
  15. Boatfixer

    kitchen drawer tool kit anyone?

    I have the little ratchet screwdriver set with interchangable bits from Lidl in my kitchen drawer. It punches well above it's price........ All my tools tend to end up in my workshop which is a couple of miles away from home but this has saved the day on many an occasion.
  16. Boatfixer

    Cruciform joint 18mm MDF

    I did several hundred MDF pidgeon hole shelves for a warehouse a year or so ago using pocket hole screws to put the shelves in. No problems so far and they are heavily used.
  17. Boatfixer

    Robbins Timber Bristol

    They are good aren't they? I phone up from the other end of the country searching for spar grade spruce and its delivered next day. Their marine ply is probably the best available in the country.
  18. Boatfixer

    Can Anyone Help

    Looks to me like some sort of fret saw for cutting something tough... Never seen one like this though and it doesn't seem to have much throat depth. Perhaps an engineering forum might be able to help more?
  19. Boatfixer

    Will Brexit affect companies that import lots like Axminster

    As a very small importer from Europe I'm worried but have no real answers. I just know everything is going to be unstable for a long time. I make a range of vetinary operating room equipment for a local vetinary wholesaler. Most of it makes good money but the main reason I get any of this work...
  20. Boatfixer

    Going out on my own

    Lots of sound advice above. I would add don't underestimate the amount of time you lose as a one man band running around sorting supplies, measuring up potential work, popping out to get some more screws etc.. It is easy to lose a day a week in the odd hour here and there which you won't be...