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    Kity bestcombi

    I have both machines one in spain and another in Germany only one question to ask yourself what is the largest size timber you wish to cut or plane they are small machines so when cutting at close to the maximum size just take it easy. If the machine has a slot mortes you can do most lose tenons...
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    Sold KITY CK26 for sale (1989)

    Will check when we can come to england. contact you Monday or Tuesday. Barry.
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    Sold KITY CK26 for sale (1989)

    Hi Richard, Is the machiner still available?
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    Picked up a Kity K5

    Hi I saw you message regarding the kity spindle molder I have a K5 best combi with a 15mm molder but its broken is the one you have still available and how much do you want for it? We are using the kity to renovate our old farmhouse in Germany