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  1. John. B

    Hummingbird Vase

    MikeG I live in Rush green , my address is Romford Paul Howard lives in Tiptree his address reads, Newbridge Road Tiptree Colchester CO5 0HS Iv'e been to his house. John. B
  2. John. B

    Hummingbird Vase

    Well that's a surprise! Thank you Gents for your compliments. From a pic posted December 2016 to suddenly appear yesterday, nearly 2 years later. If it gives BB inspiration, imagine how much it gives me more inspiration to continue to improve my wood turning as well to help new turners to the...
  3. John. B

    help please

    Tool King is not the name of your lathe, it's the name of the tool Company I assume that sold it in the past. It is an Australian company in Kelso New South Wales. These are their details from the internet. John. B CONTACT US For online orders, Mail orders and phone orders please contact...
  4. John. B

    Robert Sorby RS2

    Chris, The blue belts are probably Zirconium but look inside, the type should written on the inside of the belt. Ceramic, usually dark-ish red colour. Again look inside. Aluminium Oxide, brown. You can use them, even on HSS but the're not as good as Ceramic or Zirconium and will wear very...
  5. John. B

    Robert Sorby RS2

    For my tuppence worth, I use a pro Edge, I can only say the way I use it. (rightly or wrongly) For the roughing gouge, flat on the table at 45 degrees. Do the sides first then the middle to join the sides. ( I don't use the jig block because most roughing gouge backs are not perfectly round and...
  6. John. B

    Which chuck would you recommend for a Record DML 305?

    On the assumption you do not have any scroll chucks you should consider jaw choice of each quality manufacturer, Sizes, amount, cost in the future. I started 27 years ago with a Multistar and several jaws, with a Tyme Avon lathe. years later when I was ready for a bigger lathe I swapped the Tyme...
  7. John. B

    Record wood turning gouges - any opinions?

    I think most turners have their preferences, mine just happens to be Henry Taylor! John. B
  8. John. B

    what sanding/finishing do you user

    I use Rhino abrasives with a hope rotary tool, a quick with the gran rub to clean off dust before the next grit, usually to 360 then Yorkshire grit. Finishing with Hampshire Sheen wood finish. If it's going to be handled polish with Renaissance wax. John. B
  9. John. B

    What type of wood

    Beech, Sycamore, Maple, Ash, Any fruit, Apple Pear,Cherry or anything bland. Not exotics. John. B
  10. John. B

    Woodturning chisels

    Hello Phil, I don't know what you mean by 'What pattern' Tool Post sells 4 roughing gouges, A Taylor HS3 3/4" (19mm( A Sorby 843H34 3/4" (19mm) A sorby 843LH114 11/4" (32mm) and the one I have which a Taylor HS4 11/2" (37mm) I've no idea what a 1/2" A.I. continental pattern is, or...
  11. John. B

    Woodturning chisels

    Remember when you want to buy a gouge, size matters. Bowl gouges here in the UK are measured from the edge of the flute to the edge of the bar on the opposite side. However Spindle gouges are measured by the bar size both here and the USA. My personal Roughing gouge is a Henry Taylor HS4 which...
  12. John. B

    Help identifying a chuck manufacturer

    If you look on the Axminster site and bring up, Axminster Screw Chuck to Fit Type C Dovetail Jaws Code 810385. You will seen the self same logo on this screw chuck which identifies yours as an Axminster product. john. B
  13. John. B

    Sharpening systems record power WG250

    I bought a Tormek in the year 2000, extremely good for sharpening virtually anything, but lots of setting up time. Two years ago, replaced a worn out 6" double ender with a Sheppach 8" with a 40mm white wheel one side an 8" CBN wheel on the other side. 2 months later was offered a new Pro Edge...
  14. John. B

    Pillar box

    Thank you Gents for your comments, NazNomad, I have a small rotary carver with carbide burrs. John. B
  15. John. B

    Pillar box

    Pillar box for £1.00 coins, money box. 8" high Made from Sapele Base is tight fit, Sanding sealer then buffed. Spirit stained base. John. B
  16. John. B

    Large router table WIP

    Hello Farmer Giles, I hope you do not mind me joining your post at this late stage in router table build. I made myself a Router table/cabinet 3 or 4 years ago so I thought as you had yet to do your drawers I thought I'd show how I did mine. They are Baltic ply screwed and glued to 1/4" MDF...
  17. John. B

    Can all wood be turned ?

    Teak! long lasting? There is a very good reason why ships rail (taff rail) is made from teak. John. B
  18. John. B

    Carbide tip tools

    It's quite interesting what buzzby posted about one tool which can be made sharper than another, [ I am pretty sure that HSS can be made sharper than carbide but carbide will hold an edge for a lot longer.] it is true that carbon tools can be made sharper than HSS and HSS can be made sharper...
  19. John. B

    Fun video

    Very amusing Terry, I suppose most of us one of those in the shavings quire frequently. If you are interested, it translates more or less as follows. Danger. Working on a lathe is dangerous! Not all of the steps shown here belong to the typical methods of tripping and are therefore not...
  20. John. B


    Exactly the same happened to me some time ago. I'd almost finished this cherry vase when a large crack appeared in the top. The highly figured grain was far too good to abandon so I opened up the crack wider and carved a leaf in releaf with a polished buttom of lignum in the centre. It sold at...