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    I'm in the wrong job

    2020 ! Discharge from a klargester or treatment tank can go into a watercourse ! Yes, does not apply if your on mains !
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    I'm in the wrong job

    Mike, uk, new rules, soak away must be 10 Meters from a water course and 50 Meters from your water source.
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    I'm in the wrong job

    Had a chap, last week, put a camera down our septic tank to soak away pipe, 1/4 hour tops, £180 was the total ! Due to new regulations, need to replace a perfectly good working system for one that is compliant before selling, only £13,000 !
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    Advice to a 15 yo wanting a woodwork career

    When i set up my workshop making furniture 35 years ago, in a five mile radius there where six other workshops in operation, now just me and one other that is more joinery based ! In the beginning it was all furniture, when this slowed down i added more joinery, then to make it pay added the...
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    Help with selecting Iroko for garden gate

    What about Douglas Fir ? I can supply this sawn if you can pick up !
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    Furniture for small boxes

    Hey John, i had a box of "brass jewellery box clasps" in the for sale section ages ago, still available if interested. Plus some hinges.
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    Running out of time...

    Every day you can get out of bed and put your shoes on is a bonus ! Enjoy the life you have, as somewhere, someone is fighting for theirs !
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    Please help - messed up the floorboards

    Can you put a few rugs down so you are not looking at such big area's ? If you do re sand, hire a floor sander. When i have done this in the past i hired a belt floor sander (its like a hoover), but a couple of weeks ago i had another floor to do, the hire shop gave the option of a floor sander...
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    For Sale Brass jewel clasps

    I have tested them with a magnet and they are not magnetic so going by this they are brass !
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    For Sale Brass jewel clasps

    Hi Brad Will get a pic of measurements later. I would of thought they are plated. Colin
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    Sold Black iron cabinet hinges 4 pairs

    Black iron cabinet hinges 4 pairs unused size 35mm by 55mm £10 including postage
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    For Sale Brass jewel clasps

    A box of brass Jewel clasps with other items. £13 including postage.
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    For Sale Perform raised panel cutter

    Perform raised panel cutter 30mm bore with brass 20mm bush little use £30 including postage
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    Varnishing a Carpet

    If its water based then add lots of water and lots of scrubbing ! How do i know ! Once knocked over half a tin of white emulsion when redecorating a bedroom for a customer. Holiday let so no one around, managed to get it all out and no one noticed !
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    Damp Problem - I'm not sure what to do...

    Also check external ground level to see if higher than inside.
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    Advice Needed Please: Bull nose on face of wood.

    Why not plant two beads on a flat piece of wood ?
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    Around here all the small towns had small cottage hospitals, all these have been closed down and sold off so now everyone has to travel miles to the main big hospital in the city for any treatment. Before this happened patients could be discharged to one of these local hospitals (easier for...
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    So it's back: Britain's Best Woodworker

    Its one of the few programs the other half and myself watch together, she did say this week"why is there no dust everywhere like in your workshop"!
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    Advice needed on a possible P/T modification to prevent the chain skipping

    I had a similar problem with my Axminster 15inch thicknesser where passing timber through would cause it to judder and the chain would sort of jump as the cogs would momentarily stall. After going through the machine the out feed rollers needed resetting, after 20 odd years of use it must have...
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    For Sale plate handles

    Plate handles size 51/2 inches by 4 inches Qty 3 antique finish solid brass. Purchased from HE Savill code 1509 cost £19.73 each, asking £30 including postage.