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    My reaons for leaving UKW

    Hmmm, Well that target won't be me. I knew of course, having read the original objection, the names of the people who objected to Allen being a mod. One is well known to us all as a total pain in the bum and the other was someone who doesn't post to this forum any more, he says, because of...
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    UKW Challenge ( Update , Please read )

    Hi Nev, I have no problems with you continuing the challenge. Its quite a bit of work I imagine so, although I can't think what it might be, if you ever need a hand, just get in touch. On the other hand, I would prefer things to have carried on as they were but clearly, that option seems to...
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    Blister signing Off

    I realise I don't know all the facts but I wish certain other people involved in this would fall on their swords. I don't suppose it will change your mind Allen but I do wish you wouldn't allow the careless and vindictive action of a very few members to drive you away. I was disgusted when I...
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    UKW Challenge ( Update , Please read )

    I look forward to Allen's further post with some trepidation. In view of Allen's comment above however, it seems a shame that some people seem determined to ensure the opposite. As far as I'm concerned, they can go forth and multiply - I mean this very nicely and in a friendly manner of course.
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    September challenge - the results!

    Well done everyone. In spite of the low entry, some interesting interpretations.
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    October Challenge - post any questions here please.

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    Wheres Sept results and October challange???

    T'would be nice to know but I expect Allen has lots to do.
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    September 2012 Challenge ( Upload Images Here Please)

    Here is my September entry. I was going to do something complicated but after getting half way through the first - changed my mind. So its three simple pots, dad, mum and baby (in case you wondered why the pics are labelled 'porridge'). The only detail is the single ring and the shape at the...
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    Anyone know a cheap place for 5" twin walled flue pipe?

    Er.... yes!! £57.58!!! (including VAT) Might not be worth the difference if they have to post it though. We have just ordered a load of pipe for our wood burning oven. In France the bill would have been around £1500. In the UK its was £588 including delivery to our carriers. Just a few things...
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    Turning Cedar

    My only experience is with very dry cedar recovered from a friends woodpile. I had to work round the rotten bits. However, as mentioned, the smell is lovely and I found it very easy to turn and considering that it was early in my turning life, also found it took a finish very easily. I have...
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    Tumblr (Blogging)

    Strangely, as someone who in general, abhors 'social media', I have a blog. (how I agree with Jonzjob about those two) In my situation, its a way of keeping family and friends in the UK up to date with what we are doing. I'm very deaf which means I can't talk to them on the phone but its easy...
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    Horizon and losing weight

    You are describing my diet, I am very rarely hungry but we eat well. I do exercise on a weight machine and an exercise bike as my back won't take the real thing on French roads. I'm 6'4" and just over 11 stone so it all works for me. The joy of eating this way is not just the effect on the...
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    Seasoning and working with apple

    I must have been lucky. All the Apple I have turned has been great, no splits and very little movement. I got it from someone who had just left it outside after it was cut for a couple of years. One thing though, you shouldn't leave cutting it down until next year. By Jan or Feb, the sap will...
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    was it me or the wood?

    Happens all the time with yew I find, even more with elm. I usually soak the offending area in superglue. It usually machines OK after that. One of the problems with doing this of course, is that there is a chance of a colour patch problem where the glue is. Usually OK though.
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    Runner beans

    Over here in France it has been a very strange year indeed. Normally, we have so much fruit we end up giving away more than we keep. We had enough jam from last year to last this. This year everything flowered early but then it rained and rained. The bees stayed at home. No fruit on the trees...
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    September 2012 Challenge ( Discussion Thread )

    Rather like this in fact. I take it that 'entery' is something to do with the fact that we work with wood???? Only twenty or so days to sort it out Hudson :lol:
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    European woodworking show

    Aha, only just over the water then. Bon voyage on two counts then. :|
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    European woodworking show

    Which bit are you going to??? (sorry pedants - to which bit are you going??)
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    French Cleats

    I always use French Cleats for kitchen cabinets. My own kitchen walls were miles out but so long as the cleat on the wall is straight, there is lots of room for adjustment. As I never use ready made end panels, I just screw and glue the cleat to the back of the cabinet, add spacers as necessary...