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  1. Ed

    Literary agents

    Digit, You may have come across this already but there is a book called the writers and artists year book that lists publishers. (I think this is the correct one) Never read it, but my father-in-law has had a couple of books published (crime / thriller) and...
  2. Ed

    Chicken Run

    Mmmm Chicken and Ham Pieee.... ( Said in a Homer Simpson fashion) :lol: Congrats to your Mum Richard . Looked like a great success.
  3. Ed

    Chicken Run

    Hi Guys, Gary wrote: - I'll have to print that off and show it to the wife.... :lol: Agree this is about animal husbandry rather than hunting. My intention was to demonstrate my attitude towards animals as a whole. That I am not against the killing of animals, but I am for the...
  4. Ed

    Chicken Run

    I thought for a few moments before deciding to post on this topic as it's always going to be emotive. I eat meat. I like it. But I believe that every animal deserves a good life and a quick and as much as possible painless death. I grew up on a small holding, at various times we raised...
  5. Ed

    Forum Users Routers

    Bosch POF 500 A - Free hand Triton - Soon to be in a home made table with a woodpeck router plate. Ed
  6. Ed

    Forum users dust collectors and shop vacs

    Lyndhurst 2hp extractor. One day I'll get around to upgrading the extractor to use a cartridge filter and bags. 2 x scrap dyson dc1 vacumes I use as shop vacs. Ed
  7. Ed

    Forum users' Planers & Thicknessers

    Lyndhurst 10x7 Planer Thicknesser Fit and finish is not perfect, but at the price I paid on an ebay auction ( not the full priced buy-it-now) I am very happy. Maybe the buy-it-nows are perfect and the auctions might have a few cosmetic blemishes? Who knows. It performs great, should have...
  8. Ed

    Forum users' Table saws

    About time I put something on here: Scheppach TS 2000 + table extensions + sliding table Ed
  9. Ed

    Transtools - How not to look after your customers!

    Last and final update on this sorry saga. No phone call, but I finally get an email saying sorry for the bad experience and my refund will be sorted today. My shipment was originally shipped and then lost and now they have no nails in stock ( but they are still available to order on the...
  10. Ed

    Transtools - How not to look after your customers!

    Monday comes and goes and no call from Paul at Transtools.... I have just rang them (Tuesday AM) and was told that Paul was the best person to deal with and he was out of the office. They have taken my number again (5th time) and promised to call back...... Better not hold my breath. Totally...
  11. Ed

    Top form service from ...... Lee Valley

    Following on from my "Transtools - how not to look after customers" thread it's only fair to commend someone when they get it right. I recently bought a Veritas bevel-up jointer when working in the USA. I only got a chance to play with it when I got home and noticed a minor problem with it. I...
  12. Ed

    Importing from USA.

    Not a website but here are some numbers that might help "To get the correct duty rate you need to get the commodity code (10 digits) from here: Tariff Classification Service 01702 366077 and give it to these people to get the rate: National Advice Service - 0845 010 9000" I spent ages...
  13. Ed

    Transtools - How not to look after your customers!

    Transtools - what a shambles... 25 days ago I order a load of collated nails from Transtools ( ). The next day I logged into their site and it showed my order as complete and my card had been debited. A week later still nothing has arrived so I give them a call. "Very...
  14. Ed

    Grand Designs - Glass in Wood

    Had to laugh when I saw this thread. I said exactly the same thing about the windows when watching Grand Designs last night and my wife call me a sad woodworking nerd. Nice to know I am not the only one :-) Ed
  15. Ed

    Anyone on here make there own bread ?

    Bread machine here also. We had very poor results at first. The bread was yeasty no matter what we tried. Parents had no problem with the same machine, we pinch their yeast and flour and still had the same problem. In the end I deduce the only difference was the water coming out of our tap. So...
  16. Ed

    Barry Burgess - RIP

    How terribly sad. Although I never met Barry, we chatted via PM'd when I sent him some shopnotes articles he was looking for. Without a doubt he was one of the characters that makes this forum so good. I will miss his contributions as I am sure many others will to. My condolences and...
  17. Ed

    Compressor pressure release

    Bredbin, With my longwinded slow typing and having a cup of tea you got there before me. Glad its fixed Ed
  18. Ed

    Compressor pressure release

    Hi Bredbin, The plastic cover with the big red button can be removed by taking out the single screw on the top. When inside you should see an adjustment bolt that can be used to adjust the cut off pressure at which the motor stops. From memory it may even have + and - markings stamped in the...
  19. Ed

    Boxford Pillar Drill

    Colin, I found some drill related docs on when I was rebuilding my fobco drills. Might be worth a search for you boxford manual. Best of luck. Ed
  20. Ed

    Garage door security

    Yep - That's how the little b***ers got into my garage, just bent up a corner and crawled under and open it from the inside. They waited long enough for the insurance to pay out and then they came back again. Only this time just mild damage to the door frame and they did not managed to get in...