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    Mini Lathe

    Hi Guys I have decided to downsize my lathe and would like to concentrate on a mini lathe for pen turning and smaller items. I would like something with variable speed control, I've had a good look but as usual it's a mine field. It must have a spindle size of 1" x 8 tpi because all my...
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    For Sale Axminster AWVSL 1000 Wood Turning Lathe Price Reduced Again

    I am putting up for sale my trusty wood turning lathe with a bunch of accessories to get you started. I've had the lathe quite a few years and it has seen some serious turning, having said that it is in good working order and would suit someone who wants to get into turning. The lathe details...
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    Sold Leather Tool Bag - 30 Inch (Large) - Connell

    Hi Blister If this is still available I'd like it? Waka
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    Sold Sawn, square edge English oak planks

    PM sent
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    Where are they now?

    I've been on the forum for years, don't post much but I'm still lurking in the background. I must have missed something because I didn't even know there was an upset of some members. Life's to short (especially woodworking life) to get worked up about these things. Right I'm off to the workshop...
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    Sold Full Extension Drawer Runners

    Covid has given me an excuse to have a sort out of my workshop, I found (didn't even know I had) 11/2 sets of 60mm and 3 sets of 30mm full extension drawer runners. Combined they weigh 4.5 kg. If you want them you must arrange pick up by whatever means. t
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    PM Sent
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    Best finish for table tops?

    I made a maple table for my kitchen about 5 years ago and finished it with Chestnut finishing Oil, probably applied 6 coats with de-nibbing with 600 paper after very coat, has really stood the test of time.
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    SOLD Souber Lock Jig

    PM sent
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    Thank you for the link on the chucks, very helpful.
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    Thanks guys much appreciated.
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    Hi Guys Are the experts aware of a chuck attachment that I can use to take out the shallow bowl of a serving spoon? Thanks Waka
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    Rod Sharpening stone

    Thank you for the info, I will check them both out.
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    Rod Sharpening stone

    I am looking for some rod sharpening stones so I can sharpen my small forester bits. Anyone got any suggestions?
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    Record Coronet Herald

    'll check with them next week.
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    Record Coronet Herald

    I did have a look at there inserts at Yandles, my c concern was that the work piece would be too far out from the headstock thereby putting some extra load on the bearings. I guess as an alternative I could contact Axminster and see if the is a possibility of changing the thread on the SK100...
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    Record Coronet Herald

    Tris All my chucks are Axminster SK 100 with internal thread of 1" x 8 tpi.
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    Record Coronet Herald

    Took a trip to Yandles yesterday for some turning blanks and while I was there I had a look at the Coronet Herald. To my eye it looks a nice lathe, does the team have any views on this one? One of my concerns was that I'd need an extension to change the headstock thread from 33 mm to 1", this...