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  1. Ponder

    Borrow / rent the Katz Moses dovetail jig

    Does anyone happen to have the 8:1 Katz Moses dovetail jig that they don’t use too much, and might let me borrow / rent it? I just need it for one house project but it would make that project a whole lot easier, I just don’t really want to pay for a whole jig!
  2. Ponder

    Width of stair stringer

    I did find one about a lovely oak staircase, far beyond what I will be doing but very inspiring!
  3. Ponder

    Width of stair stringer

    Hi Cabinetman, thanks for the welcome! Yes no routering, just cutting out the birds mouths essentially. Rise is approx 217mm and tread approx 227 but can’t quite remember! Will have to have another look at the drawings And see if there’s 4.5 inches left. I’m not sure which charts you mean. do...
  4. Ponder

    Width of stair stringer

    can anyone tell me what width of timber should be used for cutting a cut string residential indoor stair stringer? Was looking at 32 x 244 as you can buy that as standard from e.g. pear stairs but then started wondering if its different for cut strings and I can’t seem to find confirmation online!