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    Sold Price reduced - Draper 79359 55L Portable Dust/Chip Extractor (750W) £175

    I am downsizing my workshop and I am selling my Draper dust extractor. It works perfect no issue in the last 2 years. For collection of wood chips and shavings in a workshop/DIY environment. Can be connected to various woodworking machines by use of the flexible hose. Floor suction facility...
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    For Sale Workshop Clear-out Part 2

    Thanks Richy :)
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    For Sale Workshop Clear-out Part 2

    Hi again, I am not able to find the way of sending you a PM in the forum! How do you want to proceed? Not sure if you can see my email address in my profile, if so can you send me an email with details and we can agree the arrangements? Thanks
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    For Sale Workshop Clear-out Part 2

    Hi, I want those Sojbergs hold fasts. I will send you a pm if I find the way.:)