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  1. StilwellDesigns

    Laguna owners

    Thanks all for the replies! I will go ahead and reach out to your sales team. I used to own a laguna bandsaw in Vancouver, BC, and it was a great machine.
  2. StilwellDesigns

    Laguna owners

    Hi All - I'm looking at buying some Laguna machines, was just wondering from current owners in the UK, what the after sales service is like and availability of parts? I'm looking at getting a bandsaw, table saw, sander and dust extractors from them. Any info appreciated!
  3. StilwellDesigns

    Union Jubilee advice

    Thanks Derek - will give you a call!
  4. StilwellDesigns

    Union Jubilee advice

    Thanks - but I need a 240v motor cos I'm using this at home.
  5. StilwellDesigns

    Union Jubilee advice

    Just looked the facebook page up and I asked to join, thanks for that!
  6. StilwellDesigns

    Union Jubilee advice

    Just had a look at the motor. That says 0.166 HP wow. That's not a lot.
  7. StilwellDesigns

    Union Jubilee advice

    So when running, there are two bolts holding the motor in place, do you keep those loose or let the motor take up the slack with its own weight and then tighten them off? Belt is of unknown age, so probably knackered. The maintenance poster mentions turning the grease caps, I seem to be...
  8. StilwellDesigns

    Union Jubilee advice

    It came with the original poster tho!
  9. StilwellDesigns

    Union Jubilee advice

    Foot pedal! Hmmm. I reckon it's been tinkered with - I'll have a look tomorrow and post some pics.
  10. StilwellDesigns

    Union Jubilee advice

    I just bought an old Union Jubilee lathe, and was hoping someone out there has some knowledge of these old machines. Firstly, what is the best way to change speeds? Right now I'm having to loosen the two bolts holding the motor down, lifting it up and locking it off, then changing the belt on...
  11. StilwellDesigns

    Wanted Festool Domino, Sander, Extractor or drills

    I'm looking to buy Festool Domino DF 500, Random Orbital sander and an extractor, if you happen to have them lying around not being used, please get in touch! Not looking for ex professional workshop items, I've seen how apprentices use these things :)
  12. StilwellDesigns

    How to bring 2 tons of wall down single-handed

    I have no idea, but please film it when you do
  13. StilwellDesigns

    No No's on projects

    Nails :rolleyes:
  14. StilwellDesigns

    Bandsaw dust extraction

    This is making me want to get a 3d printer
  15. StilwellDesigns

    Powered Respirators

    In the market for a respirator - good info so far keep it coming!
  16. StilwellDesigns

    Magswitch Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit

    Love me a good feather board. Now, where did I put those willow sticks?
  17. StilwellDesigns

    How can I order wood which won't warp?

    short answer is you cant :P
  18. StilwellDesigns

    How To Buy Hardwoods

    Thanks for this post!
  19. StilwellDesigns

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Made this a few moons ago - all cut on the table saw.
  20. StilwellDesigns

    Hard wax Oils

    If you want a decent and cheaper option, I use non scented mineral oil for end grain boards, make a bath for them and soak them overnight, keeping them wet, submerged if possible. They take a few days afterwards to dry out and they will continue to seep a bit, but its only mineral oil, its non...