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    Is there a battery/cordless 23G pin nailer?

    Readers of this thread may be interested to know that you can now order a Ryobi 18v Air Strike 23 gauge P318 cordless pin nailer from Amazon UK. As a grey import from the USA, there is no manufacturers warranty but at £116.59 I took the risk and placed an order - it arrived in about 10 days. So...
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    For Sale Charnwood W891 HVLP Chip extractor 2HP 240V with a new filter cartridge REDUCED TO £270

    6th Dec: NOW REDUCED TO £270 before trying my luck on Ebay in a couple of days..
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    For Sale Charnwood W891 HVLP Chip extractor 2HP 240V with a new filter cartridge REDUCED TO £270

    Charnwood W891 HVLP Chip extractor 240V in good working condition. A 16amp supply is required 2000 m3/hour flow rate The inlet is 125mm which splits into 2 x 100mm via a removeable Y piece with blast gates. The 2HP induction motor is continuously rated. Looks identical to the current Charnwood...
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    How to charge old Black + Decker 18V A9277 drill batteries

    I used to have a B&D 18V NiCd drill and found that the Dewalt 18V NiCd batteries were compatible It might be easier to switch to a second hand Dewalt NiCd charger & battery? You would need to check compatibility for your particular drill though.
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    For Sale 16" Bandsaw Fence

    Hi Micky Yes the fence is still available. Your 315 seems to have a similar table size (548 wide x 400 deep) to the Meber (500 wide x 400). The key dimension is the table thickness. The Meber is 34mm. The 315 needs to be the same or less (if less some spacers will be required). I have added a...
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    For Sale 16" Bandsaw Fence

    Bandsaw Fence ex. Meber 16" Bandsaw £20 Collection from Droitwich Worcestershire or postage at cost (c.£6)
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    Camvac 386 Twin motor Dust Extractor - now SOLD

    Item is now SOLD - thank you. Camvac 386 Twin motor Dust Extractor (2 x 1000W) offered at £110. This was manufactured before Record Power took Camvac over and has the straight type 4" hose connection. I purchased the extractor from a 'hobby' woodworker like myself and I have since had to...
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    Metabo KGS 254 Plus Sliding Mitre saw 240V Now Withdrawn

    I offer a 240V Metabo KGS 254 Plus Sliding Mitre saw in excellent condition for sale at £260. Price dropped to £230 The original workpiece clamp, 30tpi blade and manual are included. The blade retention nut is a standard Metabo one (the tool-less one also supplied when new seized up a while...
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    Linear join on an oak worktop?

    Far better all round to source a longer length. I recently purchased a 4m length of solid oak (strip) worktop for £200 inc. delivery from here: Appearance and quality seem very good but I can't vouch for the longevity as it has only been installed for 2...
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    Mitre slide bars, how big is yours?

    Wadkin 10AGS Table saw c.1979 20mm x 9.8mm U shape Meber P400 Bandsaw 1995 20mm x 4.3mm U shape I have never found a Mitre bar that fits this slot! Lynn
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    Table saw blades

    John - Doug Perry at Cutting solutions comes recommended by some forum members. My own experience with Doug has also been very good for advice over the phone and for supply of quality saw blades and planer knives. Regards LynnJ
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    Kreg foreman from the states

    I have also run US 110v tools with both brush and induction motors without any issues. You could make up an adaptor lead to avoid cutting off the original plug.
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    Power Tool Websites Across The Pond

    Benjamin I have used a few times without any issues. They list the 7518 for $299.99. I have got away without being billed for UK import duties and VAT a couple of times on Rockler orders, but that was for smaller value totals.. In case you havn't seen them, there...
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    bending the veneer around a bullnose step

    Jacob I used a method similar to yours to form the bullnose on my stairs from kerfed solid oak. On the first attempt, the oak split. On the second attempt, I added some steel sheet to the outside, clamped in slight tension and then attempted the bend. Much to my relief this time it worked...
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    A day out for woodworkers

    Andy I think that must have been a repeat of the Sir John Harvey Jones Troubleshooter programme on Morgan? I just did a Google search - the original broadcast was 1991 - hard to believe it was over 20 years ago. I also came across an interesting 2009 telegraph article at the link below...
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    American Table Saw on UK power

    I ran a 220V / 60HZ (induction motor) US 'Craftsman' contractors saw for a few years without any issues but have since sold it on. I also rarely had the saw running for long periods of time. I have also been using a 110V / 60HZ (brush motor) US Delta mitre saw for about 9 years - run via a...
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    Whats your Top 3-5 UK WoodWorking Books?

    Dudester There are 6 copies of "Worker in Wood" for sale on Amazon ranging in price from £46 to £1456!
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    Marples M 146 Holdfast

    Tilgear sell holdfasts which they claim are "to the same specification as the discontinued Record Marples product". The cost is £18.60. They also sell spare / replacement collars for £3.30.
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    Cheapish three phase

    I agree with what you say about Jim Cox's method. About 3 years ago, I successfully converted a 3 phase Wadkin AGS10 table saw to run on single phase 240V and it has been running well since.
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    Ikea Kitchen Door Size Problem

    Thanks all for your helpful replies. I think I'll try and source a matching door first. If I have no luck there I'll take the material out of the centre as advised. Hopefully it will be almost invisible, if not I'll add edging strip or a feature. Lynn