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    Safe disposal of an unusual nail gun

    I'm hoping that our Firearms Officers are being better trained now, having a good grasp of the law for the benefit of everybody.
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    Stuck thermostatic shower valve

    Thanks all - I now have the replacement valve and so can try a few of these things to get the old one out. Steve.
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    Stuck thermostatic shower valve

    Yes, I've been cleaning up all the fittings in Oust de-scaler!
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    Stuck thermostatic shower valve

    No idea on make Roy - it may be Crosswater but was in my son's house when he moved in. I'm going to have to wait until the replacement valve arrives before attacking it with mole grips.
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    Stuck thermostatic shower valve

    This valve although only held in by O rings just doesn't seem to want to move with less force than it would take to pull the whole unit through the wall. Is there a puller or anything that would ease it out please?
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    Water proofing inside a wooden vase

    It times gone by, both pitch and beeswax were used to line leather and ceramic vessels.
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    " Pooh Sticks"

    I don't know what the rest of the country is like but there are hardly any combined sewers left in the South East. There was a huge programme by southern Water and its agencies to dual the sewerage systems back in maybe the 70s (forget the date!). Where you have permeable strata, soakaways are...
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    Failed Glue Joint - help me diagnose please

    A few months ago I repaired a gun stock with Titebond 3 and the joint failed. I'm in no doubts that it was oil in the pores of the wood despite me thinking it was clean. I cleaned again with isopropyl alcohol and then with acetone just to be sure. This time I switched to a specialist epoxy and...
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    Safe disposal of an unusual nail gun

    Although Finland could be a problem?
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    DIY Beeswax polish

    My simple wax polish is just beeswax dissolved in turpentine (not turps substitute).
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    Treating chopping board

    Best to use a food safe oil on chopping boards. IKEA do one.
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    Safe disposal of an unusual nail gun

    I buy Hilti cartridges so would happily take them off your hands. Happy to pay postage. Steve.
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    cleaning rust from machine tools ?

    For light corrosion on parts, ACF50 seems to work well
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    How long should I wait(Machine delivery content)

    Its a pity that Axminster don't seem to keep a decent parts stock for the Chinese machinery. My lathe tailstock failed and they said 6 months to get a new part although I think its more than that now.
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    Clean cutting plywood - that's easy isn't it?

    Screwfix/Erbauer with an extra Makita track.
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    Clean cutting plywood - that's easy isn't it?

    OK I'm back. I took the plunge and bought a budget track saw that seemed to be fairly well recommended for the sort of use that I need. Just been trying it out on some scrap and the cut is perfect! Many thanks for everyone that chipped in on this - problem now solved. Cheers Steve.
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    Clean cutting plywood - that's easy isn't it?

    Thanks for the replies so far. I've tried varying depths of cut including a partial and then full cut. Admittedly I've not tried tape but the guy on Youtube who was demonstrating different tapes only had a small improvement. The marking knife sounds like a good idea for small cuts so I'll...
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    Clean cutting plywood - that's easy isn't it?

    Paul - how does a track saw cut differently from a circular saw though? This is what I don't understand.
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    Clean cutting plywood - that's easy isn't it?

    I've bought some nice Birch ply to make boxes but am struggling to get a clean cut with my circular saw. I know I can hide the top surface inside the boxes but I would like to get as good a cut as possible to start with so that its not a problem in the first place. I have a Saxton 80T blade...
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    Patina on brass.

    Liver of Sulphur.