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  1. Farmer Giles

    Sold Mafell jigsaw. P1cc 240v

    I have one, brilliant machines and the only jigsaw I know that will follow a curve and still cut square. I've used it on a track and its excellent, you can't do that with others, they wander off cut at a funny angle and ultimately snap the blade. The only way a conventional jig saw will follow a...
  2. Farmer Giles

    Hybrid MFT and mitre saw table

    Here's the fold down fence to the right of the saw, mainly made from bits of scrap, a side of an old kitchen unit, a bit of MDF that was in the departure lounge to the tip, a couple of bits of 25 and 20mm box, and an old bolt. only new bits was some cheap T hinges and the Kreg top track. This...
  3. Farmer Giles

    Hybrid MFT and mitre saw table

    Its been a while since I've posted, work and life in general getting in the way, but I'm now beginning to get back to some woodwork at last. Here's an update on the bench. Here's a recent photo, not much has changed, I mounted the blades for the Wadkin PK, mitre saw and track saw on the...
  4. Farmer Giles

    Wadkin AGS Riving knife bolts

    Hi Guys The bolts are just standard BZP dome head coach bolts with a blob of weld on two opposite sides of the square under the head to stop the bolts spinning in the slot when you tighten the nuts up. I can't remember the exact size I sent to @julianf but M10 or M12 springs to mind, just...
  5. Farmer Giles

    PLEASE HELP if you use British Hardwoods (Keighley)

    I've used British hardwoods for years, before they were at their current posh location they had a couple of old huts full of nice bits of interesting wood. Apart from wood for my hobby, I've bought loads of oak flooring and architrave from them. Good timber, good service and keen prices.
  6. Farmer Giles

    Anyone experienced with extra large workshop builds in a UK garden?

    I built a 26m x 6m part-stone barn on two storeys that contains my 20m x 6m workshop upstairs. It's on a smallholding but still needed planning. I knew it would be difficult to get planning so I paid a planning consultant to apply, she used to work for the council and knew exactly how to word...
  7. Farmer Giles

    Do fancy spiral thicknessers just work without tearout?

    I've got the itech 300 with spiral blades. I've been thicknessing oak burr with very little tear out. The blades are not angled like some, but still creates a beautiful finish. Cheers Andy
  8. Farmer Giles

    Darkening brass? I believe it use a combination of selenium dioxide and nitric acid, takes about 15 mins depending on depth of colour you want. I used it on this brass badge on my Tom Senior milling machine
  9. Farmer Giles

    Wadkin BOA planer head upgrade

    No, I couldn't find a donor machine at the right price and the missus wanted the kitchen finishing so bought a shiny new iTech 300C with the spiral head from Scott & Sargeant. Works great if you have a decent extractor. If the extract flow goes down then the feed tends to jam up, understandably...
  10. Farmer Giles

    Darkening brass?

    I've used a brown cold patination fluid from Priory Polishes before.
  11. Farmer Giles

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Here you go :)
  12. Farmer Giles

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    A board to mount my beer taps on. And a shelf come down lighter so you can see what your pouring while the lights are down watching a movie. All from oak scraps, much of it was close to bark on the back so glued to a ply off cut the edge with a bit more oak The beer is in the cellar on the...
  13. Farmer Giles

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    The kids are showing an interest in chess so made this for them. It may become the top of a full games table if I get time. First cut some ash and dark American walnut into strips and glue up. The walnut was from a resaw cock-up so I glued it to some ply first. then cut this into strips And...
  14. Farmer Giles

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I used almost the first I found on amazon so must have got lucky. I didn't even bother using a heat gun or blowtorch which is the usual technique for helping bubble removal. First time I have used resin, quite good fun and very useful for stabilising big cracks.
  15. Farmer Giles

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I needed a beer table for the bar, the design criteria was cheap and quick as I need to finish off lots of DIY, but I needed a bit of a break from making kitchens, I had some resin left over from a job, a piece of old oak that was close to bark in places and some legs of an old Ikea desk the...
  16. Farmer Giles

    Kitchen and utility refit WIP

    Time for an update I guess. I have added doors to the opposite side of the kitchen, I'll post pics later, at the moment its like a bomb hit it. My two daughters are doing a spot of cooking.... I bought the wife some decent kitchen knives for Christmas, she likes them but wanted me to get rid of...
  17. Farmer Giles

    Withdrawn Wadkin AGS12

    I'm getting low on homebrew so not much chance of that at the moment :)
  18. Farmer Giles

    Axminster Craft AC153E chip extractor and workshop dust plumbing

    Its only 6" between floors, when it branches out its all 4" duct. Before I moved the vacuum downstairs into the barn under the workshop, it was all 4". Same thing happened. Now I have a high flow chip extractor, I have no further issues.
  19. Farmer Giles

    Withdrawn Wadkin AGS12

    Hi Simon I do, I've just bought two new rubber rollers for it but not had chance to fit them yet. Evidently I under valued it by a fair margin last time I advertised it, once I have fettled it I intend to stick it back on the forum at a fair but more realistic price. By all means PM me if you...
  20. Farmer Giles

    Withdrawn Wadkin AGS12

    Final reduction before I move it to another forum with more footfall. £1150. Cheers Andy