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  1. giantbeat

    Triton Tra001 Router question

    I have never needed to lock any of my 3 tritons that are in tables, it’s never even occurred to me to do it, in fact I stripped all additional plastic handles and parts off my machines as well as taking the plunge spring out… they have never moved when doing cuts.
  2. giantbeat

    Oscillating/bobbin/ spindle sander

    Depends on the sort of size you need, I have a floor standing JOVS10, it’s great, use it most days but I remade my own custom spindles that were much taller for my jobs and took hook and loop paper. there are loads of smaller bench top models
  3. giantbeat

    Laguna owners

    just to add to this, i inherited a Laguna 18BX that actually had been imported, its amazing, i love it... but its a 3phase version of the single phase saw available in uk, so i have never had any transaction through a UK dealer, i emailed Nick at laguna UK needing help & advice, he was...
  4. giantbeat

    anyone got the Axminster Workshop AW145CE Cyclone Dust Extractor ?

    Brilliant mate, thanks so much for the reply… I want it on my band saw, table saw and disc sander… so that’s great to hear.
  5. giantbeat

    anyone got the Axminster Workshop AW145CE Cyclone Dust Extractor ?

    this extractor The Axminster Workshop AW145CE just caught my eye whilst browsing, £99 off at the moment. bring it to around £800 which i didnt think was bad for a cyclone/fine filter workshop extractor, its also not too big & runs off standard 230V 13amp plug which would be handy as im out of...
  6. giantbeat

    For Sale Veneer press

    ohhhh thats lovely... if only i had the room
  7. giantbeat

    16 amp fuse question

    Please please just call an electrician. It’s worth doing, I’m fine with basic home electrics & have a decent understanding of 3 phase, but beyond the very basics and especially for my workshop I call in my electrician…. don’t take the risk.
  8. giantbeat

    Found Sliding table for 01332 saw

    No problem i had to drill holes for the mounting brackets as this is designed to fit the axminster version theirs is pre drilled, the 01332 isn't, i also had to move one switch wire that runs down the inside frame which was right where a hole needed to be, but that was a simple job... once you...
  9. giantbeat

    Bench Buffing Machine

    i have many buffing machines for lacquer & metal finishing, mostly lacquer buffing for high gloss work on wood, but i also learned early on if you are doing finishes such as guitars & in my case drums (same finishes but much bigger areas on drum) a covered grinder is useless long term. i burned...
  10. giantbeat

    Found Sliding table for 01332 saw

    only thing i dont like is that its a pain to keep taking the cross cut fence off when i need more cutting room, its rather annoying, I'm deciding how to mod it to make things work better.
  11. giantbeat

    Found Sliding table for 01332 saw

    its on
  12. giantbeat

    Triton JOF001 in router table

    I have 3 triton routers in tables, one is the model you mention, all are just in home made insert plates made using 6mm aluminium I had cut from eBay, just clicked buy, send them the size and simple drawings for the holes.. they lazer cut to my requirements for far less than a commercial bought...
  13. giantbeat

    Can owners of Triton routers (or similar) suggest a router benchtop table?

    I have 3 triton routers, I made my own router table
  14. giantbeat

    Soundproof Plasterboard - How effective for alcoves?

    It’s a snotty substance that never truly drys, but sets enough to not sag… it’s great at preventing vibration conduction through hard mass… the biggest problem is it’s terrifyingly expensive…
  15. giantbeat

    Soundproof Plasterboard - How effective for alcoves?

    Adding mass to a wall is great for preventing some frequencies traveling directly through that surface….. but, sound proofing is only as good as it weakest point, you could sound board the wall, 2 layers, green glue in between, sealing any air transfer from those areas… but what about the floor...
  16. giantbeat

    New Charnwood drum sander

    I had a machine very similar to these, near exact, sold it to Bob off this group… it’s a great little sander, I only swapped as I needed a bigger machine… ohh abd despite what it says you can change the min thicknes To near 1.5mm, it’s a simple machine screw that’s the stop, back it out a little...
  17. giantbeat

    The new new big shop…. Well not all of it’s a workshop but it’s still big.

    Yeah I have many machines I have made or modified for very specific tasks. I honestly don’t know how long it’s going to take to re setup fully & organise, never had To do a full re setup before, I will set up what I need to as I need to depending on what work I have on, the rest Will come...
  18. giantbeat

    3 phase in new workshop - advise needed

    I just had my new workshop all wired out with 3 Phase, best thing to do is just consult a spraky, my place has not been actively occupied for many years and just used as a store. as a result my sparky found that only 2 of my 3 phases were actually live, we had to get that sorted via the...